Can I Do It On The Road

Apologies to the Beatles.

This is a test post to see if I can post a blog using the WordPress app for the iPad.

Crossing fingers to see if it will work!

3 Replies to “Can I Do It On The Road”

  1. so I stopped in to share my fangrl moment from the other day.
    me w/airline crew in the van on the way to a bar
    me- hey heres the sign for Oswego that we just passed!!
    crew- and so your point
    me-my point being that thats where Laurie Halse Anderson the author that wrote speak lives in Oswego & we just passed the sign for it & her book speak is trying to get banned all the time & she was just interviewed for an article in Entertainment Weekly
    crew-oh okay cool
    thats all have fun on tour :0)

  2. Whew! So glad that works. I was wondering how to happily endure your tour, fearing it meant I’d have to wait a LOOOONG time for newest newsiness. Be safe!

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