Roadtrip to hang out with me!!

My friends Ellen Yeomans and her husband Chris Arnold lost their daughter Paige to leukemia in 1994, just before she was due to start third grade. Frankly, I don’t know how they found the strength to go on after that. But they are amazing people. They did not simply find a way to live. They found a way to keep Paige’s spirit alive and help other families who have a child struggling with cancer or a catastrophic illness.

Chris explains the whole story in a recent article. Read it with Kleenex.

Every year they coordinate Paige’s Butterfly Run; a family-oriented 5K and Fun Fitness 3K Run/Walk. Last year they raised $140,000. This year’s goal is $150,000. If they make that goal, they will have raised ONE MILLION DOLLARS for children’s cancer since 1997.

Here’s a recent news program about the run.

Isn’t that amazing??

Am I going to be there? You bet! So will Queen Louise and various and sundry people we are related to.

If you live within 150 miles of Syracuse, you should join us. Heck, it’s going to be a nice weekend – if you live within 300 miles of me, you should make the trek.  If running is not your favorite thing, then walk the 3K course; that’s only 1.8 miles. Or just show up to watch (and donate!) After the run you can enjoy the Taste of Syracuse; a downtown food festival 140 different vendors and restaurants, great wines from the State of New York, three stages of live music.

If you’re in the mood to read than to run or walk, you can still help. The Syracuse-area Barnes & Noble stores (in Dewitt and Clay) will donate a portion of any books sold this weekend as long as you print out and use the voucher that you can download on the Butterfly Run’s website.

But wait! There’s more!! I am in a writer’s group with Ellen and so is…. Bruce Coville.

To raise money for Paige’s Butterfly Run, Bruce Coville will be signing books at the Barnes & Noble in Clay on Saturday June 5th from 4-6 PM.

I will be signing books at the at the Barnes & Noble in Clay on Sunday June 6th from 1-3 PM.

I think this requires you to plan a roadtrip, don’t you? The weather is supposed to be nice (no snow!), the cause is the best one possible, and if you stay home, you’ll miss out on all the fun. Just remember to print out the voucher before you shop at Barnes & Noble this weekend.

And if you live too far away to roadtrip it, I’ll hope you’ll make a donation in honor of a little girl who had the grace and strength of a butterfly.

Thanks for your help, my friends.

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  1. Wow, their story is amazing. I love how in the article Chris so simply expresses the amazing things Paige’s charity has done by mentioning how they want to take care of little details for families with sick kids. Wish I wasn’t halfway across the world or I’d definitely walk it! I’m doing a 9k walk this Sunday for multiple sclerosis, and Paige’s Butterfly Run definitely sounds like something I should try someday!!

  2. WFMAD

    Hey! I would absolutely love it if you did the WFMAD challenge again this year!! I started last year and quite enjoyed the inspirations! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the entire month and would like to attempt again!! Thank you!!

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