Cue the National Geographic Music!

Sorry to have been so absent this week, friends. Beloved Husband had shoulder surgery and has needed some tending; mostly to make sure that he sort-of, kind-of follows doctor’s orders. I’m happy to report he is mending well.

I’ll be posting two videos very soon: one will show examples of how I took historical fact and turned them into a chapter of CHAINS. In the other I will rave about the maple syrup being boiled a stone’s throw from my house and I will attempt to read in Norwegian.

But the most exciting thing?? We have a pair of red-tailed hawks building a nest in the Forest near the writing cottage!

My plan to keep my sunflowers safe from the squirrels this year suddenly seems possible!!

4 Replies to “Cue the National Geographic Music!”

  1. Sorry to hear about the surgery; glad he’s on the mend! The hawks sound really cool–we have them every now and then, but not so romantic, they skulk at highwayside waiting for roadkill. ;-( Much nicer to see them in their element. Good luck saving the sunflowers!!

  2. good luck with the new sunflowers and birds (;

    I just wanted to tell you I have started Wintergirls and I think it’s brilliant. ♥
    thank you.

  3. A close friend of mine had shoulder surgery. It took her quite a long time to recover and she had one of the best doctors in the business. Hope his recovery is speedy.

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