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Random political thought: How is it that anyone could be upset about our President telling children to work hard, listen to their teachers, take responsibility for themselves and their actions, and stay in school? Did you read the speech? I don’t care where you fall on the political spectrum: how in the world are any of those statements objectionable? What is happening to our country??

::waits for blood pressure to fall back to normal::

That suitcase has crawled out of the basement again. I am eyeing it with suspicion.

I don’t have any booktours for at least a year, but I do have a couple of appearances coming up.

Sunday, September 13,  1pm   Brooklyn Book Festival. I’ll be on a panel with Greg Neri and Gail Foreman

First weekend of October – NAIBA Booksellers Fall Conference

Nov 6 – 8 – American Association of School Librarians Conference, Charlotte, NC

Nov 20 – 22 – NCTE/ALAN, Philadelphia, PA (There might be a couple of bookstore appearances in the Philly region, as well.)

Dec – banishing suitcase to the basement again.

I’m headed back to the 18th century. Am crawling through soldier’s diaries today. Stay in school, my friends. Apparently this is a radical and disturbing concept.

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  1. Hey, I’m going to be at AASL too! Just doing the PitStop signing on the Friday afternoon, but still, I’m looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll see you there!

    (BTW, just re-read SPEAK. Still awesome.)

  2. That was such a lovely speech. I only wish we had something half as inspiring from our Canadian Prime Minister! I, too, fail to see how anyone can have a problem with his message.

  3. That reminds me of a rant my bio professor always used to go on. He said it was good for kids to drop out of school if they wanted to so real kids who wanted to learn didn’t have to deal with them. I can sort of see his point, but sheesh! If everyone dropped out of high school, how would he even have a job?

  4. People got upset when our last President did something as simple as visiting a school and reading to kids. It just didn’t get as much media attention. Each party has its idiots. =(

  5. Laurie, I don’t think it’s the message that Obama’s delivering that’s the problem. I think it’s the race of the man giving the speech that’s the problem, and why the media went super crazy about it.

    I love how you said the suitcase crawled out of the basement. Now I have this vision of a suitcase lying in front of the basement door, looking at you with big eyes and blinking. Good luck with your appearances.

  6. re: Obama’s speech.

    Brava! Our school district put the kibbosh on letting kids listen to the speech. Tom Horne, the “gentleman” who oversees all of our educational policy here in AZ, found Obama’s speech to be unsuitable for the classroom. Gee, Tom … maybe that’s why we’re in 50th place in the nation.

  7. I agree, Ronnie.

    So much of this irrational Obama-hatred comes from racist white people who are developing new code language now that they’ve gotten the message that most Americans won’t tolerate blatant racist remarks.

    It is discouraging. It is also another opportunity for our country to talk about race, because clearly, we have a lot of work to do.

  8. I agree on the Obama speech. I just happened upon this website in doing research for SPEAK for my Adv. YA Lit class. How cool! I plowed through SPEAK so quickly – such a great novel….it was my first introduction to you. I plan to devour more…it was so powerful. Just a big thanks for such great YA lit….
    BTW I’m a Children’s and Young Adult Librarian in Texas. I just bought your children’s book – can’t wait!! 🙂

  9. Right, the civil 18th century. Where this occurred:

    I agree about the education speech. It’s rather like imagining what would happen if a fairy godmother came down to a political party and offered them everything they say they want on condition that their political enemies get all the credit.

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