RAINNing goodness & strength

Attention Writerlady Friends Who Live in the Washington, DC Area!!! You can help those who have been affected by sexual violence TOMORROW!!!

Join host Christina Ricci on 9/9 for a special fundraiser for RAINN – the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization.  Get your tickets now!

Attention All Other Writerlady Friends!!! You should make a donation to RAINN just because they are THE BEST resource for survivors of sexual assault. EVER. Whenever I talk to or write to survivors of sexual assault, I always recommend they contact RAINN. Many of these readers got back in touch with me to tell me how helpful RAINN was, and how much better they are doing.

Personal note of pride: I am a platinum sponsor of tomorrow’s RAINN event.

2 Replies to “RAINNing goodness & strength”

  1. Yeah!


    Did you know that Penni is a certified crisis counselor and worked this summer in Chicago at a rape crisis center on Michigan Avenue? Very proud!


  2. RAINN is an amazing organization–I can’t say it enough. All the volunteers are angels.

    Readers can also donate their time by volunteering for the online hotline or other services, which can always use help.

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