WFMAD announcement and In the meantime….

I was planning on repeating last July’s Write 15 Minutes A Day Challenge (WFMAD), but between my mother’s death and some other complicated family business that needs to remain in the family, it’s not going to happen this month.

As a matter of fact, I am not ready for July at all.

Therefore, I declare today to be June 31st in the Forest. Tomorrow shall be June 32nd. Friday? Right, June 33rd. And there will be fireworks on June 34th.

If all goes, well, I’ll be ready to hold the Write 15 Minutes A Day Challenge the day after June 61st, also known as August 1st. Want to join in? Check out last year’s details and tell me what you think.

In the meantime, get yourself over the Penguin Books new video site, loaded with oodles of authors videos, including moi.

19 Replies to “WFMAD announcement and In the meantime….”

  1. Ooooh, me! I want to join! *raises hand*


    P.S. It won’t let me use OpenID so I have to resort to anonymity. 🙁 Sigh.

  2. WFMAD in August sounds feasible to me. Maybe by then I’ll be finished with the family business known as The Great Sorting: 19 Saturdays, 18 sets of china, approximately 12 Fridays, 4-6 people, 3 dumpsters and counting. On the other hand, it has been therapeutic and a revelation, although not necessarily both at the same time.

  3. My thought is it’ll be July when the sun comes out. Or at least summer. Either way, thirty days from now sounds about right.

    Didn’t know about your WFMAD (looks like Write Friggin’ MADly). It sounds very cool, and I liked the responses you got last year.

  4. As a teacher, I’m up for the idea of making August 1 into July 1,and extending my summer work time! Grand idea – count me in. That way, perhaps my goal of finishing my book before Sept 1 will actually occur…

  5. I’m on this June train as I mentally decided to make July a drink water 98% of the time thing and didn’t realize how close july was. I miss my sweet tea. And I’ll try to try the 15 min thing… I have high hopes and low motivation sometimes.

  6. oh, please send some of those china sets my way. Wow. 18 sets….

    I am very excited to write this summer; I read along last summer, but this year I have notions that I actually would like to commit to paper.

  7. Seeing that we have yet to see the sun or warm temperatures here in Massachusetts, and it doesn’t even feel like summer, I’m all for extending things. Plus the extended June gives me a chance to warm up, since the only writing I’ve done lately is lesson plans and comments on student papers. I’m in!

  8. You’re brilliant. I love the June extension plan. I’ll try WFMAD in August – but no guarantees as to WHAT I’ll be writing 🙂

  9. wfmad

    I will be a participant….I might learn something about myself & I think its a great idea. Oswego County Literacy Network is focusing on writing this coming school year & I think by my participating I can get others to do so and bring the experience into my classroom.Thanks.

  10. Question from Manda…

    Hi Ms. Anderson….
    I’m sure you get asked this question a lot, and probably have actually addressed it in your blog before and I just missed it, but I’m wondering… a lot of people tell me it’s pointless to go to college to become a writer. Do you think that’s true? Are there any classes or majors that could help me one day become a published writer? Thank you :] -offers oatmeal cookies and peppermint tea-

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