Thank you, Mark Z!!

Facebook has stepped back from the new language in their Terms of Service, that was of such concern to people posting artistic content to their Facebook pages.

I have gone back to importing this blog to my FaceBook page. They have promised new TOS language. I’ll be watching that closely.

For right now I’m feeling optimistic. I hope this is a sign that the newest generation of business executives see the value of integrity.

I have much, much, much, much writing to do today. I’ll go back to answering writing questions tomorrow, I promise.


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree!!

    BTW…hi. I’m new to your LJ, but I’ve loved your books since I read Speak several years ago and immediately bought every other book you wrote and have written since. And as an MPH alum now going to Clarkson University, even though none of your stories have specific locales, I see a little of Syracuse and Potsdam in all of them.

    So I guess I just want to say thanks for your work and I can’t wait for the next one!

  2. I went to MPH for one year, when I was 8th grade. There is a shout-out to my favorite teacher from MPH in my new book that is coming out next month.

    Also, I was born in Potsdam. My dad was a chaplain at Clarkson.

    Small world, eh?

  3. Anyone I might have known? 😛
    Every time I reread Speak I can totally see it happening in the basement art room, with the giant windows and paint splatters EVERYWHERE. Of course, once my friend (who recommended it to me) told me you had gone to MPH, I saw the school everywhere in it, but mostly the art room.

    Very small world. We’re having an oddly warm day, but I’m sure you remember the lovely winters we usually have up here.

  4. Hey, I posted this to an earlier entry so I’m not sure if you saw it…I have 9 Wintergirls discussion guides at my store, and customers rarely take YA discussion guides. I’d be happy to send them to anyone who didn’t get one from you. Let me know ( if/where you want them sent. : )

    Also, MPH has an AMAZING art program. I went to Westhill, and I always wanted to switch schools because of the art room.

  5. I feel much better about the fb thing. although I wouldn’t mind if they published my stuff as long as they ask like lj is doing for their b-day book they are going to publish.

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