Must-Get-Writing Monday

A quick entry today because I need to get to the library when it opens.

Thank you Susane Colasanti for the awesome review of WINTERGIRLS. Release date in March 19th!

And not to leave CHAINS shivering in the snow, here’s what Jerry, a teacher in Texas thinks.

Last but not least, I received a note from a teen reader this weekend who loves SPEAK and wants to read other books like it. Can you help me out with this? What do you recommend?

PS – I shall be singing the Eagles Fight Song quietly under my breath all day.

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  1. sweet, its coming out on my birthday, i’ll have to ask for it!! =] how many books have you written now? you seem to be turning them out right and left!!

  2. darn

    And I just hung up my Terrible Towel and plan to wear my Steelers’ scarf all day just to be obnoxious. You can take the girl out of Pittsburgh…


  3. Other books like SPEAK

    If it is the novel in verse aspect, I’d recommend Reaching for Sun by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. It won the Schneider.

  4. The SPEAK fan has got to read Courtney Summers’s Cracked Up To Be. Fabulous book from a debut author about a girl who gave up her popularity because of a big secret…

    Can’t wait for Wintergirls!

  5. If by “like it” she means other huge, intensely real YA favorites:

    Flight, by Sherman Alexie
    How I Live Now, by Meg Rosoff
    Kendra, by Coe Booth
    Twisted, by… wait, she’s probably found that one already
    A bit younger, but still lovely, Saffy’s Angel, by Hillary McKay

  6. i’ll yell it for you, so you can hum along without anyone the wiser:

    FLY EAGLES, FLY, ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY…(hum here, i forgot the words..)

  7. Wintergirls

    Can’t wait to read Wintergirls … been waiting for that one for a while now. :]

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