On Contest Winners and Technology Gremlins


Last summer I decided to try a book trailer contest for SPEAK and TWISTED. The plan was to offer it to summer reading groups at libraries. But I didn’t get much response from summer reading groups and I had a lot of email from teachers who wanted to offer the contest to their students.


I extended the deadline. The contest rules were spread far and wide. Note: I used my writerlady.com email account for all correspondence for this contest. And then I went on book tour. Whilst on tour, gremlins attacked the server that hosted the writerlady email account. It was a nasty vicious ebomb and the company who owns that server had to totally shut down my account. Permanently.

Meanwhile, I was traipsing across the country, merrily handing out my business car with the email address on it. And the Incompetent and/or Lazy Server Company did not contact me to let me know that the Writerlady Email account had been, in effect, blown up. I didn’t find out what had happened until after Thanksgiving. A million gazillion apologies to anyone who tried to contact me from the middle of October to the middle of December. The email is up and running now, so please try again.

(Yes, the Evil Server Company could have contacted me. They have my private email, my phone numbers, and my house address. They managed to get my bills to me on time. Yes, I am beyond annoyed about this. Know any good lawyers?)


Earnest readers and film makers did, in fact, enter the contest. I am sure they were all alarmed when the email they sent to me was bounced back, but the beauty of the contest structure allowed me to find all the entries on YouTube, so everyone was considered.

So…….drum roll

reaches for the envelope

The winners of the 2008 TWISTED book trailer contest are Suki and CJ from Atlanta!!!

The winner of the 2008 SPEAK book trailer contest is Sharpieinkwarpaint from Canada!

And an honorable mention goes to Parmandiriel (I think she’s from Montana), for her SPEAK trailer!

Many thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about the contest and to everyone who entered!!! (And a thousand curses on the heads of the Evil Server Company for messing up my mail!)

14 Replies to “On Contest Winners and Technology Gremlins”

  1. I KNOW! I was so impressed when I saw it. I’d like to check out to see if she has some other videos…that was so amazing!

    The others were really cool, too. XD

  2. Contest

    *runs around house smiling ear to ear and squeeing happily*
    Thank you so much!
    It was a really fun video to make and I’m so happy you liked it enough to choose it as the winner!
    – Sharpieinkwarpaint

  3. They can send you your bill but not inform you that your e-mail isn’t working any more? LOVELY.

    And those vids are pretty good. I actually like the honorable mention the best.

  4. wow…

    I think I might like the honorable mention best too–it feels like more of a teaser than Sharpieinkwarpaint’s. (But I love hers too. And I love her username.)

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