My friends in Miami

It is a loverly thing when friendly readers take care of my blogging responsibilities.

Instead of creating my own post today, I direct you to a fun interview with me over at YAthenaeum, a YA book community based out of one of my favorite bookstores, Books and Books in Coral Gables. They asked super questions! (Do you understand the movie reference at the end?)

Thank you, good readers of the YAthenaem!!!

Tune in tomorrow for the announcement of the winners of the TWISTED and SPEAK book trailer contests and an explanation of all the email and server problems we’ve been having here in the Forest for months.

PS – I am back in wicked serious writing mode and loving it.

6 Replies to “My friends in Miami”

  1. Good Morning

    Can’t wait to hear the winners announced tomorrow!
    And congratulations on being back in full writing mode!
    Now I’m going to go read the interview with a cup of tea…

  2. Great interview. I love the random questions. And I do get the movie reference! I love that song, but I have to admit, the movie creeps me out a little.

  3. “Wicked Serious Writing Mode” – love that phrase

    I always get a kick out of your blog, Laurie. I particularly loved your “wicked serious writing mode” comment… I can relate… It feels so good to be done with the holidaze and kick up my feet, keyboard in my lap, dog at my feet…

    Thanks for your regular posts!

    Paul R. May

  4. Thanks

    Thank you so much Laurie! Your answers were amazing and we can’t thank you enough for letting us interview you!

    Hope to see you in Miami at some point in time!

    -Erika, Lorena, Emily, Brigitte, and Julie

  5. Popcorn

    Great interview, Laurie. I’m not a huge waffle fan, but I’m right there with you and the popcorn (and the butter and salt).
    Today I didn’t get on the treadmill until late, and when I opened the window next to the treadmill, the Malaysian restaurant down below was cooking, and those delicious smells of garlic, oil, spices came wafting up to me. Kind of a disconnect to think about all that fat and salt while exercising….
    Love from your city mouse.

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