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Author and children’s literature expert Coleen Salley has recently had a down-turn in her health and has entered a retirement home. Coleen wrote the Epossomundas books, helped found the Coleen Salley/Bill Morris Literacy Foundation and spread the good news about children’s literature across the world.

She recently had a birthday and would be very cheered by any and all cards. You can send them to her at St. James Retirement, Attn: Coleen Salley, HCE 503, 333 Lee Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70808. Thank you, Kimberly Willis Holt, for the news.

It appears to be a season of struggles for classy dames everywhere.

My mom was put back in the hospital late last week. She’s feeling better now and may come home in a few days, but things are a little complicated, so I’ll probably not be posting for a while. Please forgive this interruption of your regularly scheduled blogreading. I’ll be back when I can.

(edited to add) This is the woman who let me read instead of doing chores:

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  1. So sorry to hear about your mom … I will be thinking good thoughts for you both. I hope she continues to feel better.


  2. Mom

    When I think of your mom this is how I remember her, curled up in a chair reading. Please extend lots and lots of love and prayers to your mom. Also, please tell your sister I am thinking of her. Donna

  3. I saw your post on Janni’s blog and followed it back to here because yes I know who you are. I love your writing. Hope your mother gets well! I’ve lost both my parents, so I understand a little what you must be going through. I hope she’s just having a set back rather than a critical illness.

    I’m an ex-bookseller and an aspiring YA writer – my writing is probably most like Holly Black’s. I’m also an educational paraprofessional at an urban middle school. I know you have thousands of people watching your blog, but I thought I should introduce myself if I was going to stop by and read.

  4. You and your mom will be in my thoughts. I’m going to drop Ms. Salley a card and let her know I’m going to work an Epossomundas book into one of my next storytimes.

  5. i have a picture like this of my grammy. shes in profile with the gorgeous white curls, and her feet pulled up on the couch. i didnt know the woman ever pulled he feet onto a piece of furniture. it was so nice when i first found that pic to see this starched and pressed, busy and proper, slightly intimidating woman relaxed and curled up with a book like a “real” person.

    anyhow, this pic is gorgeous, and she looks so charming and thoughtful. hope things go well for her and the family.

  6. So sorry about your mom…

    here’s hoping for a quick recovery. Thank you for the heads up about the card for Coleen Salley. Take care of yourselves and hugs

  7. A mom who let you read instead of doing chores?! Definitely a special woman. Sending good thoughts and dedicating a yoga practice to her.

    Kathy Q.

  8. Good healing thoughts coming your way. I hope your mom continues to improve. Her photo is lovely, and any mom who lets you read instead of doing chores is a wonderful mom.

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