our flag-bearer

Lopez Lomong is carrying the flag of the United States in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics today.

He is a refugee from Sudan, one of the Lost Boys, who came to America in 2001 and settled in with a foster family in Central New York. His foster parents, Robert and Barbara Rogers, took in six boys from Sudan who had lost everything. This article about Lomong and his American family should raise a lump in your throat.

We are very proud to call this amazing guy one of ours!

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  1. Laurie:

    Thank you for sharing.

    “This is America, this is the land of everybody”


  2. Thanks for posting this. I’d heard on the news that he was doing something with the Olympics, but I’d missed what it was. He’s coming to visit the college where I teach this fall (to speak to our students), so I’ll save this info. to share with them too.

  3. It was very powerful and moving watching him lead in the US procession. He looked very proud. Amazing what he has accomplished. The old cliche jumped to my mind (I am well programmed): This is what America is all about. There I am, teary-eyed again. I LOVE the Olympics.

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