Booktour news and WFMAD 25

No, the firewood isn’t here yet. Yes, it’s going up to 80+ degrees so we are unlikely to need it tonight. But OfficeMouse and her Faithful Companion are leaving soon which means it will be BH and me on stacking duty. Maybe I should invite everyone in Blogland to come help. I could feed you all snap peas and jam.

Happy Birthday today to my friends Ashley Kauffmann, Tanya Lee Stone, and Ed Spicer!! Ed does terrific work with teen readers out in Michigan.

My good friend Elizabeth Partridge suggested that I alert all of you to Lois Lowery’s blog. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Elizabeth has a blog, too.

I am starting to get early information about the CHAINS booktour this fall. I will be in these regions. (Most places I am slated to be around for two days somewhere from late October to late November. All details as soon as I get them, I promise!)

Minneapolis, MN
Denver, CO
Chicago, IL
Omaha, NE
Milwaukee, WI
Dover, DE (Delaware Book Festival)
McLean, VA
Ridgewood, NJ
Millbrook, NY (near Poughkeepsie)
Boston, MA
Rochester, NY
Atlanta, GA
Miami FL (Miami Book Festival)
New Orleans, LA
Oxford, MS
Jackson, MS
Bethlehem, PA (right, Stef?)
Oswego, NY

In addition, I’ll be speaking at the New England Independent Bookseller’s Association (Boston, MA), and the Great Lakes Booksellers Association (Dearborn, MI) tradeshows before the tour starts, and I’ll be in San Antonio, TX for the NCTE/ALAN conference.

After the last event, I will go home, burn my suitcase, and turn off the telephone for a few weeks. But, really, I am extremely excited about this tour.

Booktours don’t happen without writing, so let’s focus on that!


Today’s goal: Write 15 minutes. Be shocked at how fast the time flies.

Today’s mindset: melancholy

Today’s prompt: It’s Friday so it’s time to bathe in poetry. Do the exercises in poet Kate Clanchy’s workshop today. Feel free to share your poem in the Comments section!


15 Replies to “Booktour news and WFMAD 25”

  1. I am so psyched to hear about your DE appearance! I think the Book Festival is in Dover, though. Will you be doing some Wilmington things as well? Either way, I’m going to do my very best to come out and show support (not that you’ll be lacking in fans – just want to do my DE duty!).


  2. Lois Lowry’s blog?! Thank you!! If you swing by Oakland (which…it doesn’t look like you’re going to) you should stop by my store and sign some stock. : ) (

  3. Oooo! Rochester! I’ll definitely try to come see you there since I live in the area. 🙂

    Little Quirk

  4. thanks for the birthday wish on facebook! and i’ll definitely try to come to bethlehem, PA to see you whenever it is! and amy and i are planning to tour moravian college to see what it’s like, just to let you know. can’t wait to read chains and hope your weekend goes well! =) ♥

  5. I’ll see if I can drag a contingent of kids out to McLean — I think we’re going to try to teach CHAINS in our history class this year. (:

  6. Now that you have, it’s totally made my day. (:

    We run mandatory summer school, btw, and just finished our second week. Library stats thus far: Twisted 2, Speak 2, Catalyst 1, Chains off limits due to possible use later. (:

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