The minor family emergency didn’t escalate, thank heavens. My mother fell Tuesday night and we spent yesterday doing the rounds with doctors and the hospital and x-rays. She’s home now, though I won’t say she’s exactly comfortable. She broke three ribs.

She’s going to be fine; the fractures are uncomplicated and there were no other injuries. In a week, she’ll feel much better. Normally I might ask for funny stories I can tell her, but laughing hurts too much right now, so if you have a kind thought or a prayer for comfort, those sure are appreciated.

J.L. Bell has another cool post about how an alleged John Adam’s quote turned into historical “fact.” This is a must-read for anyone thinking of writing historical fiction or non-fiction.

Today’s goal: Write 15 minutes.

Today’s mindset: sowing conflict.

Today’s prompt: Take your favorite picture book or fairy tale and write what happens next, after the last page of the story. Add on a new challenge for the character; a new story arc of complications and solutions, and character growth. Hint, you’ll probably need to introduce a bold conflict right away.


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  1. Pink lights and prayers for your Mom — I’m nursing a wrecked shoulder/arm (don’t see ‘Mamma Mia!’ when you already have a pulled muscle! And definitely don’t put out the yard waste while feeling mad at hubby who didn’t, as soon as you feel almost normal!) so I have a great deal of sympathy for how she’s feeling — hope she is better soon! At least I can breathe and laugh without pain. She should definitely NOT see ‘Mamma Mia!’!

    I read at work so don’t comment every day, but I am just loving WFMAD, Laurie — I GUSH with thanks. So simple, yet it’s just like the little bear’s porridge…just right. I’m working happily in my WIP, but I’m saving the prompts for dry days and sharing. They are EXCELLENT.

  2. Get well wishes to your mom, Laurie. Glad she’s going to be okay. Am loving your WFMAD; your prompts are the BEST! Thanks so much for all you do.

  3. Sending prayers

    Sorry to hear about your mom. Broken ribs are tough but I have a feeling she is tougher. I will send her lots of soothing, healing thoughts for a quick recovery.

  4. Sending good thoughts and well-wishes to your mom. Hope she heals quickly, and glad it wasn’t worse.

    Got in an hour today, and now I’m off to a book fair with fellow writers. 🙂

  5. Best wishes and good thoughts to your mom. Yes, sneezing can be as uncomfortable as laughing. A woman I know(60+ years) broke a couple of ribs riding a dune buggy and her doctor told her that if she needed to stop a sneeze she had to apply pressure to the base of her nose, above the upper lip. I tried it once. It actually worked!!

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