Write 15 Minutes a Day Challenge (WFMAD) – Day Two

What a terrific start! Aside from all the comments on LJ, I got a lot of feedback on MySpace and Facebook, plus a couple of emails. Thank you to everyone who wrote and congratulations on jumping in!

Today’s goal: Write for 15 minutes.

Today’s wreath of forgiveness: I know a number of you are kicking yourselves because you didn’t write yesterday. You forgot or you “forgot” (meaning you didn’t really forget but were afraid to start so you made up excuses all day long and you woke up loathing yourself.)

Do not call your therapist. Do not abandon the writing dream. Simply forgive yourself.

This is hard and it can be scary. You don’t have to write a novel today. You don’t even have to write anything coherent. No one will judge the quality of your work right now, or condemn you for starting today instead of yesterday. Just write. 15 minutes. You can do this.

Today’s motivation: It will make you happy.

Today’s prompt: Write about the most embarrassing incident from your childhood.


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  1. 15 minutes done–on a project because I’m saving those embarassing incidents for future characters. I am very happy indeed.

    Another good reason to write 15 minutes every day–if you go to long without, you’ll get really cranky.

  2. I got up incredibly early this morning and went for a walk. I stopped at a park up at the top of a hill by the river, put my iPod on shuffle, and wrote for about an hour until the rain stopped me. 🙂 This is fun!

  3. This is a blast

    I worked for 15 minutes on my story and then I switched to your writing prompt for 15 minutes and ended up putting the prompt writing into my story-sort of. This is a good summer activity.

  4. I got in 22 minutes and 379 words before my wife found me and then plopped down in the chair. Plopping equals having to listen equals no more writing.

  5. Wow — it’s totally brilliant of you to trick everyone into writing for only fifteen minutes a day. That should really help eliminate the competition. 🙂

  6. I didn’t know about this until today…so this is my first day of doing the challenge. I’m glad I did it, and I’m glad I wrote on your prompt. It was nice to have 15 minutes in which to just be honest, which, for me, is the best part about writing. Really freeing.

  7. Fifteen minutes and 700-some words, not bad. Not my greatest, but still better than I expected. I’m back to my draggy old WIP from NaNoWriMo last year; it’s driving me nuts to try and get the thing wrapped up, but it needs to be done. Sheesh, it’s been almost a year!

    Hoping to do more this evening but–what a coincidence–I actually DO see my therapist today.

  8. This is my first day because I didn’t know about it 🙁
    I am still in the midst of writing, but it has actually been half an hour. So I suppose that makes up for the lack of post yesterday.

    495 words…thanks for coming up with this idea 😀

  9. this is such a great idea. it could really help me build up my portfolio for college 🙂
    (i missed yesterday’s post so i’m catching up)

  10. I started on the 1st but forgot to post about it! Yesterday, I felt energized after my fifteen minutes were up. Today, I felt drained. How strange! Looking forward to my session tomorrow. It’s interesting to note my energy each time.

  11. Day two – 20 more minutes and I’m now 2,933 words into my WIP! (No, I didn’t write it all in the last two days – only about half of it!)

    It’s nice to force myself to sit down and write. As much as I love writing, if my days get crazy, the first two things that get cut are exercise and writing time. This summer I’m forcing myself to make time for BOTH! 🙂 Thanks again, Laurie.

  12. *waves Sarah Dessen clued me into your challenge, and I think I’ll stick around!

    My most embarrassing moment actually belongs to someone else… I hope that’s intriguing, I don’t know how I did with the writing of it. While writing, I cheated a little, I was listening to a baseball game, and I went some past 15 minutes. But as long as the words get on the screen, it all counts, right?

  13. write for 15 minutes

    I wrote for 30 minutes to make up for not writing yesterday. I was surprised by how painless it this wonderful project.

  14. Mid grade middle muddle

    Rainchains here again. Well I put in a half hour tonite and pulled another 213 words out. I know if I worked on something else I could write so much more but I’m forcing myself to get past the block I have on my mid grade. Hoping I can keep up these short sessions on it long enough to get to a spot where it will flow freely again. Beginnings are the honeymoon of novels for me, middles are when I have to ‘work’ at the relationship.

  15. I’ve been doing good with my 15 minutes so far 🙂 Yesterday I worked on a work-in-progress and today I wrote a character sketch. And found that the new Coldplay CD makes good writing music for me.

  16. I already wrote this morning, but didn’t meet my personal goal. So I’m doing my 15 minutes now…all I need are 150 more words!
    It can be done! 🙂

  17. A good day!

    You’re right. It made me happy, especially when i kept going and finished the chapter.
    Then guilt-free swim time with my kids!

  18. I managed 45 minutes today. My oldest son didn’t want to color this time, so I gave him a pad of paper and a pen. Just as effective. But my youngest didn’t nap as long as yesterday… 🙁 45 minutes is still good, though. Better than nothing. 🙂


  19. Ha! I’m on to your evil plot. I returned to the keyboard and wrote for an additional 16 minutes. Take that, fiendishly clever man with huge book stands.

  20. Oh man. Today, I wrote part of a scene from the novel that I had taken, er, an extended break from. It was an incredibly emotional experience, haha. It was so intense, I had to stop for a breather after the first stretch! Total, it was probably around a half an hour of writing? Thank you for the much-needed push! 🙂

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