i’m alive and are you ready to write tomorrow?

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Not only am I alive, but the combined efforts of the OfficeMouse and the AppleGenius drove the demons out of my laptop. All vital signs are stable, no data lost.

Right now I’m in the John Wayne airport (which makes me laugh every time I say it), waiting for the plane home. I’ll get there between 10 and 11 tonight, if all goes well. No, I will not be blogging then. I will be executing a perfect faceplant in my pillow and going to sleep.

Conference summary: fun, friendly and inspiring. I have a bazillion photos, good stories (I met one of my favorite authors!), a report about the glamor and dazzle of the Newbery/Caldecott dinner, and maybe a new video. They’ll be dribbling out of my computer over the next week.

Before I board, I have three things to remind you about:

1. There is a wonderful review of INDEPENDENT DAMES and ELIZABETH LEADS THE WAY (written by my friend Tanya Lee Stone) in the San Francisco Chronicle.

2. I am the featured author all week in the Barnes & Noble online book club called the Family Room. Pour yourself some tea or coffee and join us.

3. Tomorrow is July 1st – the kickoff of my 15-minute a day writing challenge! Are you ready? Are you willing? Are you able? Write yourself a reminder note right now and stick it where you will see it tomorrow. Sharpen the pencils, clean off the keyboard, and take a deep breath. I don’t care how freaking busy you are. You can find fifteen minutes. You deserve it.

They’re calling my plane. Here’s a photo of me at an illustrator’s luncheon. It’s representative of what a colorful blur this weekend was.

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12 Replies to “i’m alive and are you ready to write tomorrow?”

  1. It has indeed been a great conference. I’m sorry I didn’t run in to you, but I’m glad you were here! I head home tomorrow and if I’m lucky I’ll catch the last ferry and actually get all the way home to do just as you plan: faceplant-pillow (after I fend off the cats of course!)

    Take care and safe journey!

    P.S. I’m going to take the challenge! Somehow I will find a way to fit the writing in!

  2. I am soooo glad you reminded us! The PostIt is on the computer. 15 minutes.

    Right after I say “rabbits, rabbits, rabbits.”

    Nice review featuring two of my favorite authors–you and Tanya!

  3. This challenge is just what I need to get my BIC. Of course I should probably figure out what to write . . . does a rewrite/edit count? Probably not; I should be doing that and more anyway. No cheating!

    I bought Twisted on Saturday and finished it today (yesterday was useless because the weather was horrid and I was pretty much in bed trying not to die from the pain of my Fibro). It was fabulous. I’ll admit I’m not usually a fan of male protagonists (just don’t hold my attention the same way the females do, for some reason), but I was pleasantly surprised with yours. Well, maybe not surprised–I wouldn’t have spent the money on it if I didn’t have faith that your writing would be worth it. Certainly didn’t let me down.

    Anyway, too bad I’m up in Canada in the middle of nowhere or I might actually get to make it to a conference sometime. Oh well.

  4. Is it too late for me to participate in the 15-minute-a-day writing challenge? Is there a specific sign-up process that I need to go through?

  5. John Wayne Airport – that is amazing! And WOW, I’d totally forgotten about the writing challenge. :S July is going to be a very busy month, apparently.

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