Technical Difficulties

OfficeMouse here.

Laurie is currently having problems with her laptop. We think her backlight has died, but she is on the phone now with the Apple Genius trying to fix the issue. There is a possibility that she will not be able to keep you updated on the latest happenings at ALA.

Thank you for understanding, and expect a happier Laurie to be writing upon her return home!

9 Replies to “Technical Difficulties”

  1. That happened to my MacBook air last month. She’s fine now…after $3000 in repairs. One new logic board and she went through 4 new displays until they found the problem. (Yay having warranty!)

    Just a heads up.

  2. Oh – bummer! My iBook is nearly 3 years old and… touch-wood

    I hope it gets fixed quickly! Don’t forget, in a pinch you can go to the conv. centre and use the computers there.

  3. I hope everything gets sorted out. My computer got fried last summer. I know it’s super frustrating when technology doesn’t work.

    Thanks OfficeMouse for letting us know.

  4. What happned to…

    Dear Mouse,

    A long time ago, in a place far, far away, our dear Writelady mentioned a challenge, to write for fifteen minutes a day for twenty-one days straight. (Look back at May 7th posting) In your role as Chief Administrivia Caretaker, can you remind her to follow through?

    Thanks for your help and enjoy your summer,


  5. OfficeMouse, I don’t know if you will read this or if our dear WriterLady will (or both), but I just want to let you know that you are awesome. For all the stuff Laurie has posted here about what you’ve done to help out, I’m sure you’ve done 5 times as much. So kudos to you for being awesome, and thank you for helping out our WriterLady, as well as keeping us keenly apprised to the current situation!


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