15 Replies to “Mad Woman in the Strawberry Patch”

  1. This is so great, Laurie! It makes me feel like immersing myself in something domestic.

    So guess what I’m doing?! I’m returning to college – at age 50 – to earn an MFA in Writing for Children/Teens. First residency: Vermont College, in two weeks. Excited and nervous, all at once.

    Happy summertime!

    Linda Oatman High

  2. No finished manuscript, but amen to the strawberries. BD and I did just that on Saturday, the one dry day we’ve had in this part of Vermont in a week. Then we had our first celebratory strawberry shortcake of the season. We’ll have another tonight in honor of HH and my 29th anniversary.

    The only thing that smells better than cooking strawberry jam is cooking raspberry jam!

    Kathy Q.

  3. Your gardening, your strawberry love, your jam making. . .you and my mom would be best friends, I swear. Excellent video; it really takes me back to growing up, heading out to the strawberry patch every year, begrudgingly doing the work there because I knew the reward of delicious freezer jam was more than worth it. . .

    And congratulations on finishing your manuscript! That’s almost as awesome as the jam is 😉


  4. Strawberry Jam!

    Oh dear! You made so much jam…would you care to send me some? Our strawberry crop was bad this year. Too much rain. It made me so sad. =[

  5. Laurie, you’re my hero and my inspiration for wanting to make tomato sauce this summer. What are your recipies for strawberry jam and tomato sauce. My mom made some jam with the strawberries we picked but it came out ridiculously sweet, like you couldn’t taste the strawberry for all the sugar.

  6. That was a really good video! When you said about finding yourself again, happy in the middle of your world, I actually got tears in my eyes. Congratulations on Wintergirls and enjoy the jam.

    🙂 Sarah

  7. I liked the shots of the jam jars.
    I was looking at the first picture of them and thinking, my goodness, that’s a lot of jam… and then you show these pictures of several times as many jars… yikes!
    Very cool jamming with you!

  8. That’s A LOT of jam! I don’t think I’ve every seen so much homemade jam. I agree with one of the above comments; best video yet. Keep them coming, please. I know they’re hard to make sometimes but they’re always a true treat to watch.

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