The extra person in my office

There is a mouse in my office; she’s taller than me.

She keeps poking into corners and rooting through all the piles of papers that are labeled “Yeah, I’ll deal with that as soon as this book is done. Or maybe after the next book.” She is dealing with it now.

She is a mouse of many talents: printer installation, database management, some kind of wizardry involving graphic arts. In the famous words of Ashley’s Hannigan’s mother in PROM, she “don’t take crap off of anyone.”

The mouse is Daughter #3, Meredith, who is more organized than her mother. She has taken pity on this overwhelmed maternal unit and come up to help me get the non-writing part of the writing life under control.

For the first time I truly appreciate why farmers used to have so many children. They grow up and offer to help with the plowing!

More good news: We New Yorkers have a governor who is moving in the right direction.

And Syracuse won the national lacrosse championship.

What’s good in your life?

9 Replies to “The extra person in my office”

  1. It sounds to me that your little mouse is a fine example of what a great upbringing she had. I have a 15 year old, as a matter of fact today is her birthday! She is more mature, grown up, intelligent and level headed than I will ever be. She is also my cell phone and computer advisor. She is constantly grabbing my phone out of my hand and re-programming it. I don’t know what I am going to do when my baby goes off to college! But from what I can see with your lovely daughter, they come home and take care of their old folk. It’s called the circle of life. Enjoy her to the fullest!!!!

  2. I will try to refrain from barraging you with nagging questions, like did she get enough sleep last night, does she have sunscreen with her, does she need Vitamin C….

    Because that might be really overdoing it, don’t you think?

    Have fun!!

  3. Well, I woke up to news I didn’t like (Dunkin Donuts pulled an ad because people feared it supported terrorism), did something about it, and am now off to my happy writerly place.

  4. Congratulations on the very helpful mouse. I agree with anonymous that she simply must be a product of her upbringing.

    What’s good in my life is that I just got an exercise bike, after being sidelined from walking by a knee injury. Hoping to use it to get back in shape…

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