still here

still revising, almost done
still horrified by condition of my office
still running
still gearing up for new books coming out
still excited to see all our kids this weekend
still grateful for this week’s interview (thank you, kelly!)
still in need of sleep
still hungry for barbecue
still loving my life
still revising…

8 Replies to “still here”

  1. I so enjoyed the interview (and reader responses thereto!)

    “Sold” your book to the local library yesterday. The librarians were very impressed by the shing F&G, and all squeeish over the entire idea. They hadn’t known it was coming out (!), but they are now putting it on their order form.

    I’m trying to work up enough energy to paint the front hall. Wish me luck.

  2. Still not still.

    Sounds like life is good! (At my house, too. BD is now home after a successful first year at college.)

  3. Wintergirls, huh? Interesting. I dig that it’s darker, and the title kind of reflects that. Though this may be a little twisted, all my favorite scenes in Speak were in winter. It’s a good season where sometimes bad things happen, and I like that. I’m not creepy, I promise.

  4. I got Catalyst from the library the other day. I finally picked it up at 11:00 last night and didn’t put it down again until I finished a little after 1 this morning. It was brilliant – sucked me right in and didn’t let go. I’m a huge fan of Speak, so it was pretty cool to see the part with “Melinda Something.” I went to high school with some kids like Kate and her friends – so obsessed over grades and tests and college. One of my friends did what she did – only applied to one college. I wonder what would’ve happened if she didn’t get accepted? Anyway, I loved it!

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