Where is my list?

Thank you to everyone who came out to the bookstore in Oswego last night! (I also snuck into Oswego High School yesterday, courtesy of English teacher Heidi Sheffield, and surprised several classes of students who have been reading SPEAK. Thanks, Heidi and kids!)

River’s End Bookstore celebrates its 10th anniversary on Sunday. If you’re in the area, stop by for cake and to congratulate them. Few people would have had the vision and determination to open a bookstore in Oswego. It’s a small town, surrounded by beautiful countryside that is rife with poverty and struggles. But Bill and Mindy saw the potential. They took the plunge and changed their community for the better. The bookstore has been a significant part of Oswego’s renaissance and is now the heart of downtown. Huzzah for brave booksellers!

Instead of a Friday Five, I need to write up my Friday & weekend to-do list:

1. Work on revision until eyeballs roll up into skull.
2. Mail the ARCs of CHAINS to the people who donated to Scot’s race (he’s almost to his goal!).
3. Pay bills.
4. Celebrate Daughter #2’s graduation from SUNY Cortland. Yay Jessica!
5. Move wheelbarrows of dirt and mulch until arms give out.
6. Sow carrots and eggplant and squash.
7. Remind readers that PROM will be the featured title on Readergirlz next month and that will be a blast.
8. Attend to various publicity things for CHAINS release in October.
9. Run.
10. More revision work…. the next deadline looms!

What’s on your list?

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  1. Danielle’s To-Do-List (because I’m avoiding busy work right now)

    1. Celebrate Birthday
    2. Play the Wii
    3. Play some softball
    4. Push work tasks out of the brain between 5 pm Friday and 8 am Monday
    5. Do some editing work
    6. Think about finding a new place to live next year
    7. Take the dog swimming

  2. Another Avoiding Work To Do List (I love lists…)

    1. Work (full time job 8:00-4:30)
    2. Considering going to bookstore and spending money I shouldn’t – I’ve already made a shopping list… Never a good idea when the book shopping list is as long as the grocery list…
    3. Feed and play with cat
    4. Read
    5. Plan list of errands and chores for weekend
    6. Write another paragraph in my story
    7. Write in journal (the old fashioned private book kind)
    8. Get pizza for dinner?
    9. Spend too much time online looking up things about books and bands
    10. Watch a movie?
    11. Read (deserves to be on the list twice)

  3. 7. Remind readers that PROM will be the featured title on Readergirlz next month and that will be a blast.

    Looking forward to this! I loved Prom!

  4. Kim’s List for the Weekend

    1. physical re-test at gym
    2. Laundry, laundry, laundry
    3. Do a blood glucose test for the diabetic cat (MuuMuu)
    4. Play with my sewing machine–perhaps make a purse out of t-shirts?
    5. Read “Intoduction to the Elements” by Albert Swertka. It was recommended by the chemistry teacher and seems pretty darn cool.
    6. Hang out with my husband and kid.

    Who said being a school librarian was all glamor? 🙂

  5. Visit to the river’s end


    Thanks so much for being part of our 10th anniversary celebration last night! You were awesome! And thanks also for all you do for readers everywhere … but especially here in Oswego!

    Bill & Mindy

  6. My List:

    1) Revise current WIP
    2) Laundry
    3) Revise current WIP
    4) Traditional saturday morning visit to the library with my kids
    5) Visit my best friend’s new house
    6) Revise current WIP
    7) Volunteer work for my kids’ preschool
    8) Revise some more
    9) Read each night before going to bed (and hope that it lasts longer than five minutes)


  7. My list:

    1) Work on Biology 11 correspondence course.
    2) Work on Biology 12 correspondence course.
    3) Study for Global History 12 correspondence course exam.
    4) Fill out scholarship applications.
    5) Wash, rinse, repeat.
    6) Again.
    7) Again.
    8) Etc.

    Yes, I will be relieved when school is over. Yet I’m scared to see how close it is. Must! Graduate!

  8. Bookstore visit and worm castings


    Nice presentation at River’s End last night!

    I spoke with my in-laws. They are arriving in NY on Friday and would be happy to bring us some castings and save us shipping. If you are interested let email me so I can tell her what to bring.


  9. 1. work close shifts
    2. pay bills
    3. fix rat cage
    4. finish painting guest room
    5. finish a book
    6. do some new photography
    7. spend some time with Roommate

  10. Speaking of high schools, Twisted is on the Bucks County Reading Olympics Senior High School Book List for the 2009 competion (2008-2009 school year). Congrats!

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