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  1. TWISTED is available in paperback today!!!!!!

    I’ve run through three copies already this year, so this will be a help to my finances. (:

  2. Speaking of Twisted, didn’t you say that Tyler was partially based on a character from Shakespeare? I’m still trying to figure out who it is… I imagine it’s a character who’s been wrongly accused of something? Can you give me a hint?

    P.S. Maybe I am hallucinating this and you never said it had anything to do with Shakespeare.


  3. Hello, am new here. Just found this last night. My library brought in copies of Twisted and Prom. Finished Twisted within a day. Gonna get my own copies.

  4. No problem.

    Been a fan of yours since about two months ago. I have read all your stuff so far except Catalyst. Speak was really cool. Loved the movie too.

    You should try your hand at writing books with a thicker plot and longer storylines.

  5. Thanks! I don’t why I was thinking Shakespeare… must have been thinking of a different book.

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