It’s Almost Spring

I dashed outside the Cave of Revision this morning and it’s true: it is almost Spring up here on the tundra. In fact, I think it will happen today, while I am deeply buried in my story.

I won’t be able to haunt the Forest with my camera to pounce on the Absolute Moment, so here is the closest I can come to proving this to you.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Here the Creature With Fangs poses next to one of the last piles of snow we have.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Next: daffodils on the brink of blooming. (Yes, those daffodils, mentioned in ’06!) I tried to get the CWF to pose here, too, but she was more interested in crushing the plants with her paws. I threw a stick in the other direction and snapped this shot.

Thank you to everyone who donated to my husband’s Race for Cancer. There is still time to help our cause and get some of the free LHA goodies mentioned earlier this week (scroll to bottom of post).

Attention New England SCBWI Conference attenders! Today is Day 5 of my 21-Day Writing Challenge. How’s it going for you? I’d love to hear what you’re doing – leave a note in the Comments section and pass the word along to the other folks who were there.

OK, back into the Cave I go.

8 Replies to “It’s Almost Spring”

  1. daily progress

    So far, so good. Twice my very own BH was late getting home from work, so the 15 minutes turned into an hour! The next two days are tricky (family funeral), but have pen, will travel (also have paper and plotting thoughts for next project).

    Kathy Q.

  2. your dog is great! hes absoultely adorable ( i dont know if its a he but it looks like a by anyway)
    good luck with the weather! its actually nice here today its like 76 right now! yay

  3. I’m glad that you were able to take a well-earned break with CWF to enjoy your sprouting bulbs in nature. Just think when you’re done in the Cave of Revision it WILL be spring and even more beautiful. Yay!

  4. The important word here is “almost”. We must be on the same climate stretch…today it was below 0 again with new snow. I’m tired of trying to ignore the snow. We deserve spring NOW!

  5. I cheated by having a writing retreat scheduled last week. Tally= 8 completed Jane poems plus a non-Jane poem (posted chez moi last Thursday). But a full-day of travel on Friday plus the onset of Passover have thrown a wrench in the works. Back on track today, however.

  6. scbwi challenge

    Draw every day ! that’s what I needed to do. Creative, mind loosening drawing…….I’ve taken the challenge and carry my Moleskine and marker wherever I go.
    thanks Laurie, your talk energized us all.

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