Brand New Writerlady Dot Com

:: trumpet fanfare plays and cymbals crash::

Web God Theo Black has finished the major website overhaul at my website,!

All Hail The Theo!
All Hail The Theo!
All Hail The Theo!

Yes, there are nit-picky things to clean up, and yes, there are still a few things to be added, including a page to tell you how to get signed copies of my books, but we’re getting there. If you get stuck in the branches of the tree (still a glitch there) use the words at the bottom of the page to navigate.

Be sure to check out the shiny new, veeeeeeeeeery long Frequently Asked Questions section, which is found in the Junk Drawer. (Many of the questions were posed by people on my blog: thanks for the help.)

What do you think of this new version of the site?
What do you like?
Anything not working for you?
What’s missing?

19 Replies to “Brand New Writerlady Dot Com”

  1. Hi Laurie,

    I love your new site! Theo is the BEST! I especially love zooming in to the books in the tree. So cool.

    I hope I get to see you this weekend in Nashua. I will try not to be too shy to say hi this time.



  2. There are playlists for the novels (go to their separate pages).

    I can’t post the music itself without violating the copyright of the musicians. That would both rude and highly illegal.

  3. Beautiful animation sequences. Brilliant!

    The only hitch I see: Once the animation forwards you to the next page, you can’t use the BACK button b/c it sends you to back to the animation sequences which auto-forwards you again.

    Theo can defeat this with a javascript app that either defeats the back button or causes it to skip back to the home page.


  4. I love love LOVE the new site! One comment, though – your bio seems like it needs a little updating (it says PROM is coming out in 2005 …)

    But yay for new sites! Lovely!

  5. I just left you a message on your facebook that I couldnt see anything once I clicked on the branches…the screen started to load then went white…but maybe thats just me? : )

  6. Oh, and in the FAQ, I particularly liked, “Don’t major in Creative Writing in college. Chances are it will drain the life out of your creativity.”

    (I didn’t. I took one class, because one in English was required, and produced some spectacularly bad short stories, though it helped to place them next to those produced by my classmates, where mine would look halfway decent. Wish I’d had your advice to write what you want, back then.)

  7. I noticed that in the frequently asked questions section the following questions aren’t bolded:

    When are you going to write a sequel? What happens to Melinda???
    What type of music do you like to listen to when you write?

    I know these are just minor details, but I’d thought I’d let you know anyway.
    And I love the tree in the picture frame, it has a very magical feel to it.


    Love the site. Websites are a work in progress. Never finished. Don’t worry.

    Love your books, can’t wait for Dames and Chains.

    We use Fever in a seventh grade historical fiction lit. circle. This year, I told the language arts teacher about the “Brown Bag Exam” that was presented at ALAN! Two very challenging, very reluctant readers chose Fever and LOVED it. One of the boys was so into the book, that his mother had to read it to find out what magic had engaged her son!

  9. Woohoo!

    What do you think of this new version of the site?
    I think it’s pretty awesome. There are a few glitches but I like it.

    What do you like?
    I really like the tree and how it zooms in, although it is a bit “sticky” on my computer.

    Anything not working for you?
    Some of the pages are missing, but as you said that will all be fixed.

    What’s missing?
    Hints about your new YA novel :)?

  10. Is there anyway to make the things on the tree brighter, or more obvious? I don’t know if it’s just my screen, but they are hard to see. I couldn’t figure what to click…

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