One more game…

Many condolences to all my Tarheel friends… That was hard to watch, wasn’t it?

Following my decision to support the team that beat the team that beat my team, I only have one thing to say:


No, that’s not right.




Where are my notes? …… Ah.


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  1. Whoooo Hooo!!

    Thanks for the link! As I watched Saturday’s game in a room full of transplants, I wondered where the chant came from. No one knew, and I had forgotten to look it up. Now we know!

  2. I’ll be glad when this is over and all the Lawrence folks settle down. We have a bunch of K-State fans who work here, and they’ve been kind of mopy for the last few weeks.

  3. you know the only reason we still do that chant is because it annoys the hell out of everyone else 🙂


  4. OK, I’m trying terribly hard not to gloat, but it felt really good to beat Roy Williams and his team…that’s one more monkey off our backs. Now it’s time to send Calipari home with a frown too!

  5. questions for a school project

    My teacher told us to pick our favorite author and write a biography about them. For obvious reasons i chose you. The only problem is that I’ve only found one good source that has a decent biography. So if you wouldnt mind I would like to ask you a few questions to make my project even better.

    1) How do you find inspiration to write your books?
    2) How would you say your books relate to your life, if at all?
    3) Does anyone in particular have a major impact on what you write?

  6. Oh my goodness, yes, we were all bummed out. And I’m not even a UNC fan, I just live in the state. Anyway…

    I… re-read Speak and on the back it was all “About Laurie Halse Anderson” and it listed some of your other books and it popped out that you wrote Fever 1793. Which also happened to be my favorite book in sixth grade. And I nearly fell over coz it shocked me a bit.

    So that says a bit about me, but it says more about you- I like your books, even if I don’t know you write them! Haha… =]

  7. I was home in Chapel Hill on Saturday. It was heartbreaking. This game tonight is CLOSE. KU has always been my #2 because of their close ties to Carolina… fingers crossed for the Jayhawks.

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