Want to read it before anyone else?

It’s time for an update about our Team for Training run. My husband and I are running the Lake Placid Half Marathon on June 15th in honor of my cousin, Darcy Skinner, who is fighting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We joined the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training and decided to raise a total of $5,000 for the cause.

Thanks to readers and friends across the country, my part of the effort has reached its goal of $2,500. Now it’s time to support my Beloved Husband. He needs to raise $1485 to meet his goal.

Simon & Schuster has offered to help. Starting today, the next ten people who donate at least $20 to Scot’s run will receive a free Advanced Reading Copy of my next book, CHAINS. The book doesn’t come out until October. If you are one of the lucky donors, you’ll get your copy in June! (One rule – you must be at least 18 years old qualify.)

Donate right now! It’s so easy! Click! Click! Click!

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Thank you!

7 Replies to “Want to read it before anyone else?”

  1. Now there’s an incentive! Truth be told, I was already feeling badly about donating to you and not your husband.

    I’ll be at New England SCBWI next month and am looking forward to your talk there!

  2. TNT donation

    I met you at IRC in Illinois. I did TNT Disney Marathon in 2003. This Spring I am running Mad City Half Marathon(in Madison, WI with 3 of my high school friends (one who is a Hodgkin’s survivor), my sister-in-law and several others who have decided to give it a shot.
    I heard your reading of this book at IRC, and hope to be one of the lucky 10 to receive ARC. Good luck to you in your run, happy training, running, reading (and coffee drinking)!!

  3. That really is the best incentive ever! I’d felt guilty for not donating before (it’s such a fantastic cause!), but when I first saw you posted the link I had just had to buy a new car, and my money was tighter then. Now I’ve gotten to save a little bit so I can afford it (being a college student is tough!), and hopefully I got an ARC in the process. Even if I didn’t, though, it’s worth it. My grandpa died from liver cancer, so I’ve always tried to support any cancer research I can.

    Anyway, you’re a wonderful writer (I was blown away by Speak as a senior in high school, and I’ve followed–and loved–all your books since), so I am super excited to read Chains, if not in June than in October (just in time for my birthday!). 🙂

  4. OK so you got me up off my butt to go get the credit card…all the way downstairs. I’m embarrassed that it took bribery, but at this time of night after a 3 boy day…you can forgive me. My Dad died of a brain tumor 3 years ago and I’ve been missing him terribly the last 2 weeks while we have all been suffering through the “plague”. Kudos to you both for getting out there.

  5. Made my donation! My husband’s cousin died 6 months ago of leukemia (age 43), so any chance I get to help support something like the 1/2 marathon I jump at. Besides, I enjoy jogging myself (about 8-10 miles per week). How is your cousin doing?

  6. I am a shameless stalker-fan, evidently

    I know I already contributed to your goal, but decided to help Scot too in order to get an early peek at your new historical. I think I made the cut, if my quick math skills were correct. Go me!

    Now to hope that the ARC arrives before I leave for New Hampshire. Odds are not good. But it’d be cool if it did, so I could get you to sign it.

    Edited to add: Nevermind. My simple math skills were in the wrong direction, and it seems unlikely I made the cut unless you got some really large contributions ahead of mine. Le sigh.

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