Not my favorite thing

I am preparing my taxes for my accountant.

I am mathematically-challenged. This is a root canal without anesthesia.

Tax season is when being self-employed and having to find all the receipts and add everything up in neat columns of numbers that do not change when you double-check them suddenly seems like a very silly idea.

I’ll post the last Chattanooga pics and return to a state of cheerfulness when I’m finished.

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  1. These days I don’t have much extra income beyond my part-time lecturer status at university, but when I did, Quickbooks was a godsend. You do have to record everything as it happens, but then at the end of the year you print it out and all is perfect. It is really quite wonderful. You can track things any way you like, record them in ways that make sense to you, and save yourself and your accountant the agony of pre-tax madness.

  2. You have my sympathies, too! x.x I’m not a math person. I feel like I’m crucifying myself my senior year; I’m taking AP Calculus. Of course, my school doesn’t give much of a choice. If you start the advanced route in the 8th grade, you don’t have much of a chance to slow down unless you fail a course. Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Cal/Trig, and the dreaded…AP Calculus. *shudders* My only other option is College Algebra/Plane Trig. And I’ve heard that it’s just as hard as AP Calculus. Fire freely, my friend. I am prepared to die. x.x

  3. I currently have something like a 60 in college math.
    You’d think by college they would just let the mathmatically challenged have a break…make us read some novels instead…but nooo! : )

  4. just wanted to say hi and i was on LJ hiatus for a month because i was busy with classes and writing for the newspaper. i enjoyed catching up on all your entries and i’m excited to read both of your new books that are coming out this year! i love the cover of chains too! well anyway i’m glad things are going well for you and good luck with tax season! =) ♥
    p.s. for my music class we’re allowed to bring in a CD and have the professor play a song from it for one extra credit point and we’re allowed to bring in ten, but anyway i’m going to bring in tori amos and mention that i found out about her music from you. just wanted to let you know that. miss you!

  5. Having had a root canal not too awfully long ago, I am unsure that I would choose to have another one over doing my taxes. That said, the thought of taxes terrifies me to the core of my soul, and even though I am allegedly “grown up,” I still let my parents do them. 😮
    I wish you tons of luck with the evil taxes. 😉

  6. Looking forward to your taxes being done–so we can return to more important topics, like running, WIPs, and answers to all our writing questions!

  7. Aw man… Nothing’s more intimidating to me than the sight of a shoebox full of receipts. This reminds me I have my own taxes to do. It sucks that if you’re self employed it’s so complicated, huh? Itemized deductions are a mixed blessing…

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