friday five

1. It is too cold to work up in the loft today (without firing up the furnace and burning gallons and gallons of fossil fuel), so BH built a fire in the fireplace in our bedroom and I am working there.

2. I can’t wait until I get through today’s pages and go to the gym because I have new running shoes! And they were on sale!!!

3. I also bought the coolest outdoor running hat ever (also on sale). The V-notch adjuster thing in the back is perfect to stick my ponytail through. If you don’t have a ponytail, you have no idea what a pain it can be to run with a hat on because either the hat loosens the ponytail and then the hair gets in your face and sticks to it because of the sweat and the sunscreen and it fries your last nerve and you have a temper tantrum right there on the road in the middle of nowhere with no one watching except the half-rotted corpse of a squirrel and when you’re done you feel like a right idiot, or b) your ponytail bounces your hat off and it lands on the half-rotted corpse of a squirrel and, well, you leave it there.

But because of my cool new hat, that won’t happen anymore.

4. Just what I needed: more fodder for bad dreams.

5. You want to make hot chocolate this weekend.

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  1. Ohmygod, a giant rodent! It sounds like it would be in some Ned Vizzini book..haha it’s just funny in this twisted way.

    And I really want to make that hot chocolate!

  2. I had a mouse in my apartment over the holidays. I am only now beginning to get over the traumatic life altering experience. I am a grown woman and made my father come and spend the night on my couch to play “Mouse Hunter”. Thank God for Dads. My daughter thought surely her mother was loosing her mind. It was truly a “Mother of the Year” moment. Nothing like showing your children extreme irrational fear. The mouse finally met its demise but only after stealing peanut butter off of the mouse trap (6) count them (6) times! I just read the rodent article. EEEWWWWWW…. Oh well, back to sleeping with the lights and TV on for a few more days, ha ha.

    Love the hat! You will be the fashion hit of the forest today as you are going for your run. I am sure you will be the envy of all the forest creatures even the half-rotted corpse of the squirrel will take notice. Have fun!

  3. Holy smokes!!! a one-tonne RAT?! I had rats in my garage last winter the size of squirrels *shudder* and that was bad enough – but a rat the size of a car? Good Lord! Nightmares indeed!

    {I cannot type about rats in any form without seriously abusing punctuation!!??!?!?!?! – also, CAPSLOCK. Urgh. Rats.}

  4. Yum, fireplaces and writing sounds just right at this particular moment as I am freezing here in the bitter cold north west. Ugh… Alas, neurotic coffee addicts are calling, and so I must go to work and serve them. 😉

  5. slight addition to the hot chocolate recipe…

    …a generous splash of peppermint schnapps.
    It’s lovely on a cold winter night.
    Trust me – I’m from Chicago.

  6. Please help the homeless animals

    Dear Laurie,
    I am a fifth grade teacher and volunteer with two animal rescue groups. Two weeks ago I bought two of your books. They are from the Vet Volunteers series. I love them. I am trying to help I local Philadelphia shelter because the amimals are not receiving the care they desperately need. Could you please write back and let me know if you could help. My name is Valerie Frazier. Please respond.

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