Thank you, thank you everyone who helped out with the playlists for PROM and CATALYST! I really appreciate it. (kmessner can you send me an address so I can write a note to Kianna, Eunice, Amy, Caitlin and Kadijah?)

A couple of the suggestions are books that are on the playlist for my YA WIP, so I am holding them in reserve.

The weekend flew by. We had Christmas #3 with Daughter #1, which was delightful. Now we have to finally take down the Christmas decorations, which is a little melancholy. My mom’s birthday is Tuesday, but as we had a couple of her granddaughters here over the weekend, we had a little party for her last night. Watching Mom’s face light up is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. We’re taking her out breakfast this morning, too.

The weather is disgusting. We’re getting up to 60 degrees today and going to have rain. Peh. It’s January – I want snow so I can snuggle down with library books and hot chocolate. (Though I must admit I am happy that Daughter #1 will have nice driving weather.)

I have to get some writing done before the family wakes up.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I read Prom this weekend and loved it… especially since I’m/my family is from the South Jersey/Philly area and I loved the Philadelphia/South Jersey references. The characters were so believable I thought that I was back in high school… lol. You really nailed it, Ms. Anderson. Thank you for the wonderful book. ♥

  2. Saturday I went to a 12th night party and cuddled with this angel: while we sang Christmas songs. I feel so at home with that group of people.

    Sunday after church I had tea with one of my best firends who is moving half way across the country in less than a week. Then my brothers (#1 & #3) and I went to Grammas and watched Bridge to Terrabithia. I had to try very hard not to cry in front of them, cause I knew if I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

  3. ooh! my birthday is this tuesday too! …yeah, taking down the decorations is kind of gloomy, the christmas celebration has come to an end…:( but its not all bad! no more spending an enormous amount of money on presents.
    My weekened was full of staying out of my house and with my friends. Fun. ^-^

  4. wow

    me and my friend have both read your books speak, catalyst, and prom. she just ordered twisted offline yesterday.

    we’re pumped
    and we’re ordering the movayyy too!

  5. I used to love the snow, but I was happy today that I got to walk home from work in this spring weather. I’ve grown to dislike the extremes– snow and summer heat. I could live forever in Fall and Spring!

  6. 60 degrees WHAT? that’s crazy.

    taking down christmas decorations is somewhat sad, but my parents always manage to make it more stressful than anything. i was actually glad yesterday that i had a cold and felt like crap, so i didn’t have to do much.

    (still can’t get over 60 degrees in january.)

  7. Oh wow, I am totally enjoying this weather. 🙂

    My weekend was spent in bed, as I try to kick this horrible something or other that hurts a lot in my ears and throat. I slept and stayed drugged up most of the time, and emerged Sunday feeling a lot better. I’m still cautious, though. I’m scared it’s going to come back again.

    Glad that your last Christmas celebration was good!

    My decorations are up until this weekend, I think. I’ve been too exhausted to take them down.

  8. My weekend was fabulous. Shopping with my friends and church and whatnot. But now I am back to school, blah.

    Anyways, I just wanted to leave a note and let you know that I read Twisted (finally!) last night and I loved it so much. I loved the ending. I have to admit though that, at first, I wasn’t sure if I did because there was still so much more I wanted to know about what happened next with everything now that his name had been cleared (how people would treat him in school, what would happen to his family, if Bethany and him would ever talk again). But then I realized that what happened next really didn’t matter and all that mattered was that he’d learned how to be a man. He stood up for himself and he was ready to live his own life and ah! I was so happy for him I nearly cried, quite honestly (although I’m a little emotional right now…).

    And the scene with his dad and them hugging and eating together was one of my favorite scenes.

    Also, I have to say that the allusions to Camus’s The Stranger and Sisyphus made me all happy because I really love that book (and his “The Myth of Sisyphus”!).

  9. New Old Friend

    Hi there,

    I made a trip up to the ‘Cuse to see my Dad and to spend some time with a new old friend. My new old friend and I went to a ‘Cuse SU game and sat amongst the giants of our past. The day was kind of interesting. The giants were in town for the 323d annual Syracuse University Alumni Basketball game. They are getting older and for the first time, could not scrape up enough guys for a game. I wasn’t on the team, but the original game was something my father organized and has continued to do so ever since.

    As a kid, I really didn’t have an awareness of the teams or players until about 1974. I was ten or eleven when our family started to host SU basketball players at the house, giving them a home cooked meal and a place to escape from the pressures of living on campus.

    Our driveway was the envy of the neighborhood back in those days. Giants roamed the earth. Games of horse went far beyond the concrete, challenge shots from across the street or from the back yard were common place as were the ones from our neighbor’s (see Writerlady) yard which just happened to be behind the basket.

    Tonight, I spent time with those giants, still looking up to them, although more physically than because I was a kid six of seven years their junior. Tonight, we spoke as middle aged men, about out children and our careers, as well as about the good old days. Wives who weren’t girlfriends thirty years ago heard stories, perhaps for the hundredth time or maybe even once from a different perspective.

    It was nice that they remembered me as I remembered them, although looking at any of us, time waited for no one.

    Maybe the best part of the day was that my new old friend got the large souvenir cup and I got an invite to spend a fall weekend in the forest.

  10. Well, I read The Stranger the first semester of my English class last school year (I’m a senior now) and I have to say that at first I hated it. Absurdism had never made sense to me before (although I hadn’t encountered much of it before anyways) but after reading the book, it just clicked. What really did it for me was the last chapter, but especially the very very end of the novel. Where he realizes that his whole life meant nothing but somehow is able to rise above the utter futility of his life to still find enjoyment in it. I thought that was so profound and, in a sense, inspiring.

    And our teacher also had us read “The Myth of Sisyphus” and I LOVED that. I actually wrote a paper about how Meursault is the absurd hero, as defined in “Myth.”

    But yeah, when Tyler mentioned he’d looked at a French book written by Albert Somebody I freaked out! And then when he mentioned how The Stranger was absurd, I laughed. 🙂

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