TWISTED love & SPEAK on the stage

Thank you, elves at! TWISTED was named one of their Best Teen Books of 2007!!

::dances on the crust of snow frozen over the fallen maple leaves::

SPEAK is coming the stage in Central New York this weekend!! It is premiering at one of my alma maters, Fayetteville-Manlius High School, and in a few weeks it will be onstage at my almost-mater, Nottingham High School. All details here. (Note: the production is not suitable for little kids – get a babysitter, please.) The director, Steve Braddock, is the fellow who brought FEVER 1793 to the stage a couple of years ago. I am very excited to see his adaptation, and see what the actors have done with the material.

Post Standard reporter Laura Ryan attended a rehearsal and has some great quotes from Steve (and a couple from me).

The Syracuse New Times has an article, too, and photos of rehearsal. One note – I did not attend Nottingham, as the article says, but if we hadn’t moved the summer before high school started, I would have.

In closing – what would Charles think?

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  1. sorry to post a question, but..

    Is it possible to write a research paper on you/your books/some aspect of them? I mean, possible? I want to write my research paper, at least 7 historical sources, on your books. Because your my author hero, it would be awesome. I assume I just need to narrow my subject down a bit more..are there any “links” between all your books?
    I would love to ramble about Speak, Catalyst and Twisted for 9 pages! I find that as I read Catalyst more and more it is just as special to me as Speak was and has been since 8th grade, 6 years ago. Everything in Catalyst is beautiful, even Terri Lynch.. : ) Maybe that is what makes it so beautiful…And I love that you wrote Twisted from a male perspective. Yay.

    1. Re: sorry to post a question, but..

      You don’t need my permission to write a paper about me or my books, but thank you very much for asking anyway.

      I don’t know if there are links between my books. What do you think?

      (I adore the fact that you like Teri LItch. She is one of my favorite characters.)

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