TWISTED reviews from real live readers (as opposed to the dead, stuffed kind)

The Galley Group (a teen book club in Allegan, Michigan) read TWISTED and wrote reviews that I would like to paper the entire inside of my house with. You might enjoy reading them, too.

You can also see the real, live author interviewed about the book. (Be patient. The clip might take a minute to load.)

I am writing. The Creature With Fangs is guarding me.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Be afraid. Be very afraid.

13 Replies to “TWISTED reviews from real live readers (as opposed to the dead, stuffed kind)”

  1. How cool to see/listen to the video clip. I don’t care if “cool” is a little dated. Work with me here.

    I could not, however, read The Galley Group reviews. There must be a computer compatibility problem because the text all disappears or turns very dark or something I don’t understand. If someone has wisdom on this, please share.

    Looks like CWF has a nice thick coat. Would this forecast a cold winter? You’re going to have to work hard to have a more interesting winter than last year.

  2. What a face! I would love to give CWF a big hug! We had a CWF and she would guard my daughter with her life and also kiss/lick you to death if allowed. I miss our CWF terribly. Supposedly our CWF was a descendent to Rin Tin Tin. Sheppards are a beautiful breed I hope you get to enjoy yours for many years to come.

    Loved the reviews but I could not see the interview. 🙁

  3. That video was awesome, I am a guy that also felt like you really captured what it was like to be a teenage male. I wish we could have gotten some info on your new YA novel, but I guess we can all wait until you are ready :P. I’m sure it’ll be amazing also.

    Creature With Fangs is big!

  4. Spicy Reads “dark” “disappearing” text.


    Thanks for the comments on the video; glad you were able to view it. The link Laurie left is for my iWeb site. Would you mind trying to access the comments on ? Let me know if you have the same problem. Sometimes simply reloading the page takes care of the problem too. Thanks again for your kind words.

    Ed Spicy Reader Spicer

  5. Spicy Reads video problem.

    Sorry to read that you could not view the video. At my work (Allegan Public Schools) only teens can view this video (because they are the only ones with the time and the smarts to bypass the firewall that prevents movies from being shown to teachers and administrators!

    If I had more time, I would post ALL of the comments. It is conference time right now, however, so the comments will have to wait. Thanks for the comment, I plan on directing students to Laurie’s Journal and these comments!


  6. Laurie’s new YA


    YES! I keep bugging Laurie about new YA novel info and she keeps saying NO. Can you believe that!?

    Thanks for the kind words about the video.


  7. aw cwf is so cute but I am sure that he would be very scary if he was guarding his mommy. I used to have a german shepherd but she was a mix so she wasn’t quite that big.

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