Hot and fast Friday fiveish

1. Bandages are off! I woke up yesterday at 5:15 and had removed the blasted bandages by 5:20. The doc made 15 small incisions on The Leg and they’re all healing nicely. I see him in a week and if there is any justice in the world I’ll run after that.

2. The revision is going very well. I figured out yesterday that I need to completely disassemble the last quarter of the book, move stuff around, throw some stuff out and make some new stuff up, and reassemble. But I am not freaking because I am pretty sure I know what to do. That will be next week’s job.

3. John Green and I have a coffee date for ALA!!! (He was very nice and wrote to me.) Remind me to post next week about the introductory message “This is not a book for children” that is in TWISTED.

4. I will get to meet Sherman Alexie at ALA too. ::fangeekfangeekfangeek::

5. I am off in a few hours for to speak at the SCBWI Mid-Hudson Conference. A friend has graciously offered to drive so I can rest The Leg and knit.

5a. I will be quite happy if I can live out the rest of my life without ever hearing the name “Paris Hilton” spoken again.

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  1. Yeah, everyone in the country knows she’s out of jail but how many know, for example, that Mitt Romney lied in the Republican debate two nights ago about Saddam Hussein kicking out the weapons inspectors therefore forcing the US to invade and occupy Iraq? I don’t hear anyone in the mainstream media slamming Romney for that and correcting the record by stating it was Bush who kicked out the inspectors.

    But, you know, so glad she’s home and all.

  2. 5a. I will be quite happy if I can live out the rest of my life without ever hearing the name “Paris Hilton” spoken again.


  3. It amazes me how much an uproar this person who shall not be named is causing all over the country because of the house arrest thing. LAPD is taking alot of heat and I say if you do the crime, you do the time not matter if you come from alot of money or high class status.It is special treatment which is causing alot of civil rights activist to step up.

  4. But in the end, there are more important things we should be worried about than having all this attention on this person.

  5. if the world never heard the name paris hilton again it would be a much better place. although i’m sure someone else would just take her place. 🙂

  6. coffee date!

    With Sarah’s help, I have already picked out an outfit for my coffee date with LHA. I am very excited!


  7. AHA! So you have FINALLY taken up the sticks!!! You were talking about it at the Feb. Retreat. What are you working on? I’m back to stockpiling scarves for the 08 Retreat raffle baskets.

    Have you read CHICKS WITH STICKS (IT’S A PURL THING) by Elizabeth Lenhard yet? A very good YA about knitting.


  8. Afghan for a baby. I prefer to make things for people who can’t talk yet and ask about all of the mistakes in the pattern.

    I’ll look for the book – thanks for the tip!

  9. Guess what? I got an agent! I’m very excited and wanted to share, since you are one of my inspirations. Also, check out gneri’s livejournal today. He has a hilarious BAN PARIS post w/ funny pictures. You will love John Green. He’s amazing and funny and brilliant. I’m sure you will clear up whatever it was in no time. I wondered about your quote in the opening of TWISTED as well, but figured it was a warning for parents. I’m sure I’m way off too. Glad you are feeling better!

  10. So good to hear that the leg is healing nicely, and that the revision is moving along as well.

    ALA should be fun – I thought about going this year (for the first time!) but alas, the funding simply isn’t there. It makes me giggle whenever you get all fangeek giddy about meeting someone (else!) famous!! I was like that with Nancy Pearl and Joyce Carol Oates. I’ll have to email you about meeting Norman Mailer – wow.

    And YAY – you’re knitting!!!

    Safe travels!!

  11. conference!

    So glad you’re making the trip for our conference. Can’t wait to see you again! See you and Ellan at dinner! 🙂


  12. Sherman

    I met Sherman Alexie at mid-Winter ALA in Seattle. I was also in awe and could barely speak as he was signing Indian Killer for me. Then we started talking about reality TV and I relaxed and liked him even more.

    Then again, I would be a big fan geek if I ever got to meet you too! 🙂

  13. I will be quite happy if I can live out the rest of my life without ever hearing the name “Paris Hilton” spoken again.

    I second that notion.

  14. There was a guy buying Twisted today, and before I rang him up, I picked up the book and went “This is an AWESOME book.” He just smiled and said “Good.”

  15. i’m glad to hear your leg’s feeling better! i will also be very happy if i don’t hear paris hilton’s name again. honestly she shouldn’t get special treatment just because she’s the heiress to the hilton hotel chain. and if they let her out of jail again, she’d just get in trouble for DUI again. oh, on a brighter note, i graduated from high school on thursday. my entry explains it in more detail. i hope the revision and your meetups go well! (maybe someday you and i will meet up for coffee and i will be “fangeeking” out and excited to see you lol.) miss you! =) ♥

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