What did you do?

The trip to New York was very, very, very good – I saw friends, had meetings, ate smoked beef tongue and went running in Central Park.

And the weekend? Daughter Number Two came home with a gleam in her eye and before I knew it there was a paintbrush in my hand. We spent three days making over the upstairs bathroom, which desperately needed the love.

What did you do this weekend?

(I am going to take a couple more days away from the Internet to have some minor surgery. It is not a big deal at all, just one of those things that gives you an almost-decent excuse to lay on the couch and read. See you next week!)

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  1. All the best on your surgery… and on the reading you plan to do on the couch!

    I am a grad student who decided to go home this weekend (my parents live way out in the country) and spend time with my extended family. My grandfather showed me his recently-planted garden. The rabbits are making a feast of the (ripe) strawberries, which has may grandparents erked and slightly amused (but not THAT amused).

  2. Hope your surgery goes well!

    The bf and I are remodeling our (only!) bathroom, so this weekend was spent priming and starting to paint. Oh,and trying to get reading done for my summer classes, but that didn’t go so well…

  3. Took a horse to a horse show, not so much to do well as to help her get over her paralyzing fear of horse shows.

    Read a lot.

    Chose quotations to write in the little journals I’m giving each of my students as an end-of-year gift.

    Failed to grade papers.

    Thinking good thoughts for a painless surgery and pleasant couch time for you.

  4. It was a wonderful quiet weekend. Scratched off a lot of little nagging things on the to-do list.

    Went to a local arts festival, bought some pottery and ate cinnamon roasted almonds. I love pottery, and I love potters. I paid with an actual check, and the artist didn’t ask for ID. When I asked why, she smiled and said, “Only honest people buy pottery.”

    Be patient and be nice to yourself during recovery so that whatever it is stays minor.

  5. Memorial Day

    While I don’t know anyone who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Country, I did go to show my support for those that do so on a daily basis. Here in New York City, it has been Fleet Week. Six Navy and Coast Guard vessels of various sizes were docked either in Manhattan or Staten Island. I rode the Staten Island Ferry over to the typically vacant Navy Dock to personally thank the young men and women who patrol the seas to preserve our way of life.

    I first boarded the Guided Missile Cruiser the USS HUE’ (HU-way) City. This Aegis class vessel is the first and only ship to be named after a battle fought during the Viet Nam War. Her motto, Fidelity, Courage, Honor was exuding from every crew member I spoke with.

    I also toured the USS Stephen W. Groves, a Guided Missile Frigate. She is named after a young Ensign who gave his life during the Battle of Midway on June 4th, 1942. As a Navy pilot, he was able to take off nine times from the Carrier Hornet. He was part of a group of six pilots that fought off the enemy and was credited with shooting down fourteen planes and causing six others to retreat. The sailors and Marines aboard this ship spend their days assisting our war on the drug trade coming from South America. Each and everyone of them made me proud.

    On Monday, I tracked down one of the few people I knew from High School that had been in the military. The last I had heard, he had retired and was working as a civilian working in procurement for the Government. When I found Frank Flanigan, he told me of his experiences as a member of the National Guard in Bosnia and then back on Active Duty in Iraq. On this coming Saturday, he will be given his first command, in charge of a brigade of Pennsylvania National Guardsmen. We talked a little about the technology that has changed the Army since he was a Ranger out of college. All of the while I couldn’t understand why he volunteered to go back to Active Status.

    I spent the rest of the day talking to his sister and his parents (his mother made the best chocolate chip cookies ever in the history of Fayetteville). My day concluded with my thoughts and prayers to keep him here until he can retire and with those who didn’t make it.

  6. i’m glad your trip to NYC went well. i hope your surgery goes well too; you’re in my thoughts. my weekend was kind of uneventful i guess. i stayed home from school on friday and hung out and did some cleaning. my whole family cleaned on saturday. i know, how exciting lol. then my family went to church on sunday and i handed out my graduation party invitations. i understand if you’re too busy, but i’m sending you an invitation. oh, and today was my official last day of my senior year. now i have no school tomorrow or thursday (since i didn’t have to take any finals), but on friday i have to go in to get my cap and gown and graduation tickets and all that. then i have off next monday and tuesday since those two days are events that i didn’t particularly want to go to. then next wednesday and thursday are graduation rehearsals, and then on thursday night, june 7th, i will officially graduate from high school. i can’t wait! but anyway i’m rambling on. love you and miss you! =) ♥

  7. I went to see vintage cars drive up a hill climb track in the torrential rain on Sunday. 😀

    Sounds like you had fun in N.Y. 🙂 I hope the surgery goes well.

  8. I rearranged my bookshelves, actively didn’t do my homework, watched Dead Like Me, season 2, and lost a staring contest between me and a piece of mostly blank paper with the words “chapter 1 outline” scrawled on the top.
    I hope your doctor makes your surgery as painless as possible and at least a little fun.

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