I was SUPPOSED to come home last night from IRA in Toronto.

But a monsoon hit the airport just before I was supposed to leave. They canceled all the flights.

So I made a lot of phone calls, got drenched waiting for the shuttle bus, walked into the hotel looking like something that just crawled out of the sewer, slept (sort of), woke up at 3:30am to catch the 4am shuttle to get the first morning flight out to a far-away city where I could finally get on an airplane that would take me home.

I am beyond cranky right now. But I will sleep tonight and after many, many errands tomorrow, I’ll try and post a tale and photos of what were the totally excellent adventures of the last week… totally excellent, that is, up until the monsoon hit.


3 Replies to “Whupped”

  1. awww…i’m glad you’re home safe and sound though. thanks so much for a great time last friday! i really enjoyed being with you and meeting stephanie! =) ♥

  2. And just so you know, when you wake up, Eric Luper (eluper.livejournal.com) is pinging you. Sorry about the double post, BTW.

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