River’s End Rocked

Still running on the treadmill that is my life right now, so I only have time a quick update.

Saturday night? River’s End Bookstore in Oswego? Yeah, there were about 200 people jam-packed into the place.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I kid you not.

dry_the_rain aka Jacqueline the Expert Photographer Who Moonlights As a Great Bookseller, has kindly posted a bunch more photos, if you care.

http://lalande.info/jacks/Scott.jpg (In which BH finds his long-lost sibling)
http://lalande.info/jacks/mobscene.jpg –>this gives a better sense of how crowded it was
http://lalande.info/jacks/Bill-Laurie-Mindy.jpg –> Bill and Mindy own the store. Mindy handed out Twizzlers.
http://lalande.info/jacks/Laurie&Band.jpg —> the author falls for the boys in the band, again

THANK YOU for the photos, Miss Jack!

The band, Mind Over Matter, was amazing. I am beginning to think I should request a band at all of my events. Thank you Kevin, Billy, Brian, and John. (If you live near Oswego, you can buy their CD at the bookstore.)

Big hugs to everyone who came out to the event (I am waving at YOU Sara from Solvay, and YOU Little Quirk, and YOU, Lisa Who Happens to be my Sister) and bought books and asked great questions and made for a totally insane, wonderful night. Special thanks to Jess (aka Daughter #2) and Ryan for putting up with the whole affair when they could have been out on a romantic date.

So – Saturday night was late and busy. Sunday morning came way too early. At 4:30 in the am. Ouch. We drove down to PA to see first, Mer (Daughter #3), then Stef (Daughter #1) and their various boyfriends and companions and pets. Yesterday, we drove home. Today, I answered some email, though there are many, many notes that are starting to mutter at me because I’ve not yet answered them.

And tomorrow? I’m flying to lovely Madison, WI to speak at the Cooperative Children’s Book Center about my experiences with censorship. I’ll be back in a couple of days. (Only 6 more trips this spring and then I get to burn the suitcase – wa-hoo!) And really, I promise, I will post the last pictures of the Poland trip.

Oh, one more thing. My mom’s bathing suit? Very hot. Smoking hot. She brought the temperature of the physical therapy pool up ten degrees when she stepped out of the locker room in it.

Oh, one more thing. (Really.) My dad turns 80 on Thursday. If you know him, give him a call and give him a very hard time. He is old and tough and he likes things like that.

5 Replies to “River’s End Rocked”

  1. Alright, so how much did my sister bribe you for to get mentioned in your live journal, huh???


    Big Sister Quirk who couldn’t make it

  2. Ooh, I managed to make it into a couple of those pictures. Haha.

    I’m glad you came; it’s always a pleasure to see that you’re having a good time even though you’re traveling so much. :]

  3. *waves back*
    It was great to see you again!

    *bites tongue on pic w/ BH and his long-lost sibling* 😉

    “Oh, one more thing. My mom’s bathing suit? Very hot. Smoking hot. She brought the temperature of the physical therapy pool up ten degrees when she stepped out of the locker room in it.”
    Hahahahahahahahahahaha…..oh man.

    little quirk

    PS-Are you planning on sleeping again any time soon? 😛

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