Warp Core Malfunction

In my last post I mentioned that I was catching up on sleep and getting ready to face the world again. I lied. I am still beat. All week I have been draping myself over furniture and snoring. I made it to the gym a couple times, I weeded, I stared at the pile of work on my desk. Then I put my head on the desk and slept some more.

This is somehow connected to the introvert-extrovert author conundrum. I think most authors are introverts, or at the very least, their introvert-self is strong and healthy. If you are going to sit alone for thousands of hours and make up stories, it helps to be one of the silent, interior types. I used to be a total introvert and I liked it that way. Over the years and after hundreds of speeches and school visits and conferences, my extrovert-self has bloomed. So now I actually like to be around people…. some of the time. And I love traveling, mostly.

But I think that my warp core is still programmed for introvert settings and that being around bazillions of new people, say…, going on book tour and then overseas, drains me more than it would a lot of other people. Hence, the constant napping and brain fog I am living in. I still have a bunch more extroverted things to do in the next two months, but I will be able to balance them with quiet time here at home, so I am thinking that all systems will be back online by July and I will be able to move on more than impulse power by then.

OK, enough navel gazing.

First: the contest results. I declare two winners: and . They were each exactly 24 hours away from the actual melting day; one the day before, the other the day after. If the winners will please email their real names and addresses to admin AT writerlady DOT com, I’ll send you your book.

(edited to add) I am an idiot. See the comments for how I messed up the contest. I will try to fix this in a few days. ::headdeskthunk::

Thanks to everyone for participating. Do you think we should make this an annual contest?

I am anxiously waiting for The Golden Compass movie. I LOVE the Pullman books. Have you been to the movie site yet? My Daemon is a gibbon named Philon because the magicians in charge of the site determined that I was “modest, solitary, shy, dependable, and assertive.” What’s yours?

What else? Many thanks to Laura Ryan of the Post Standard for the great article about TWISTED (and me) that ran in the paper on Sunday. And because Laura maintains ShelfLife, one of the best book blogs around, she was able to put the outtakes of the interview on that. Quite nice. Thanks, Laura!

Now I have to fetch my mom, the crazy-wild woman, and take her bathing suit shopping. This ought to be interesting.

Oh, wait – before I go – please come to the River’s End Bookstore in Oswego at 6pm on Saturday night for my book signing. There will be a band and probably food and lots of nice people. If I get tired and fall asleep, you can put funny things on my head and take pictures. It will be great.

More pictures from Poland tomorrow, I promise.

13 Replies to “Warp Core Malfunction”

  1. get your mother the hottest bathing suit ever. this will freak everyone out.

    i am with you on the introvert/extrovert thing.

  2. uh…geee….gosh—
    that’s great of course and I know this is CRAZY but I can’t accept it.
    I think llemma was closer.

    Their guess is on page 3 of the journal from your
    March 13th journal under
    Gazing In Crystal Ball…
    They guessed April 23 4 PM on the nose
    MINE was the same date but I guessed 4:39pm

    llemma is the one who’s exactly the correct time, I missed it by 39 minutes.

    You can double check if you wish. (Unwriter becomes clearly emberassed at showing the world famous author her mistake and steps backward. He slowly kneels and humbly bows his head and awaits the Queen authors final decision……)

  3. You are silly and wonderful. I am tired and confused.

    I will check the dates and times again in a couple of days in the hopes that I will actually be able to make sense of them. Better yet, I’ll have BH check.

    If, indeed, you are correct, you get massive bonus points for being such a good sport. The world needs more of that, sir. Huzzah.

  4. Awww shucks, don’t worry about it. (I just think it’s cool you actually talk TREK!
    (Warp Core Malfunction and impulse power…..cool!)
    Rest up and take care of yourself. The world needs more of your books!

  5. Heh, I got:
    Nicoleus the Snow Goose Daemon
    “You are spontaneous, competitive, modest, clever, and passive. You are therefore matched with a Snow Goose Daemon. Nicoleus is a male daemon.”

  6. “Now I have to fetch my mom, the crazy-wild woman, and take her bathing suit shopping. This ought to be interesting.”
    Hahaha…have fun!

    “If I get tired and fall asleep, you can put funny things on my head and take pictures. It will be great.”
    Can I put funny things on BH’s head and take pictures too? I’m sure my dad’s done that a few times already. 😉

    little quirk

  7. I would love to win and I so appreciate your generosity. But — doesn’t this mean that YOU were closer? We were both early, but I was early by 24 hours and you were early by only 23 hours and 21 minutes. (:

  8. i apologize for this being completely and utterly random – but if i wanted to send you a shot of a painting i did of the cover to Speak, where exactly would i send it?
    *is still in shock of actually finding your LJ after all this time* @.#

  9. hola, hola.

    your BH graced us with his presence this morning and warned me that my own BB (beloved boyfriend) and me are not allowed to move down to the city without consent from the two of you. laughing and smiling ensued.

    i uploaded some of the pics.
    i promised the beforementioned BH that i’d give you guys a cd later; but, for now, here are the ones available online:
    http://lalande.info/jacks/Scott.jpg (<--- too funny!!)
    http://lalande.info/jacks/Bill-Laurie-Mindy.jpg (<--- it pains me that bill looks goofy in this,. because you and mindy look so nice!)

    hope you like them!!

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