Monday – basketball edition

They didn’t pick Syracuse for the NCAA tournament?

They didn’t pick SYRACUSE for the NCAA tournament??

This is an outrage. Excuse me while I lie on my fainting couch a moment.

::curses stupid selection committee::

Other than that, the brackets are intriguing. If things work out well, we’re looking at a Sarah Dessen (North Carolina) vs. Laurie Halse Anderson (Georgetown) showdown for the East regional championship in a few weeks. If this occurs, I think wagering will be required. What do you say, Sarah?

(Syracuse was robbed, man. Robbed. I wonder if Coach Boeheim will make changes to his noon-conference schedule next year.)

I haven’t decided who my Cinderella team is yet. Any suggestions?

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  1. Me, I’m looking forward to the Dessen-Anderson wager. Carolina has talent, but they can be had by with a strong center or a dominant power forward with help from the two guard.

    Winthrop is a good sleeper. Wright State is another. Their coach has taken another mid-major into the second round.

  2. I’m all about Nevada – but even then I don’t picture them making it past the Sweet Sixteen…

    A Sarah Dessen, Laurie Halse Anderson wager would be fun!

  3. Virgina Commonwealth and Oral Roberts for the win.

    I have lootts of upsets, which is probably dumb, but hey, it won me 800 bucks last year. 😛

  4. I’d have to go with the University of Pennsylvania as the Cinderella- if they can get past the first round. But that’s always the trick, isn’t it? Maybe Villanova.

  5. CCSU as THE Cinderella team

    I can say this because they don’t play until 7:10 tonight, but the all TIME sleeper team would be #16 Connecticut’s CCSU playing #1 tonight. Usually I don’t pay attention to the men’s game, but you’ve got to love that UConn didn’t even make it to the NIT’s, but these guys from my alma made it all the way to the big dance. #16 has never beat #1, EVER, but wouldn’t it be extra sweet if these guys did?

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