Hello, Madison, Alabama! Hello, Orson Scott Card!

Before the writing update, some other news…

I received word last night from Youth Services Librarian Lexie Robinson that SPEAK won an Ellie Award for Favorite Dramatic YA book in Madison, Alabama. The Ellies are awards voted on by the teens in their community, much in the spirit of the Emmys. Thank you, Madison!!! Yeah, I want this library in my backyard, too. They have a Myspace page for their YA section. (I am looking up how long it would take to drive there…)

Speaking of hanging out at libraries, I will be giving a writing workshop at my beloved Mexico Public Library, Mexico, NY the morning of Saturday, February 3. It’s going to run from 9- 1pm. You have to pre-register to attend. If interested, call the library. (No, I am not going to post the number. Looking it up is your first assignment for the workshop.)

came up with the best gifts for a CATALYST lover (or fan of caffeine), ever.

Yesterday’s writing went well. I achieved the first 2 of my 3 goals and my head did not explode. I had forgotten that I had a hair appointment; that messed me up some. By the time my hair was pretty and we finished dinner and talked to various kids on the phone, I was beat and did not go back to work. But I slept well, that was good. Kept seeing platters of hors d’oeuvres in my dreams. Now I am hungry.

Today’s goal is more modest: the dusting and polishing and uniting of chptrs 28-32 and new work on 33. (I have a mammogram this afternoon, and its a long drive. Have you had your mammogram?)

I haven’t gone to the gym since Sunday and it is making me crazy. I can’t wait for this book to be done…. well, at least this draft.

Edited to add: just tipped me off to the fact that Orson Scott Card (yeah, Ender’s Game. Yeah, really, him) gave David’s wonderful books Hidden Talents and the new one, True Talents, stellar raving reviews. And then! And then! He wrote about watching the SPEAK movie and reading the book and said very, very nice things about both. (scroll waaaaaay down the page to read it. Please. I’m begging.)

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  1. Holy wow!! Orson Scott Card is going to teach your book!

    This quote was my favorite part:

    “Speak has already reached — and changed significantly — many thousands more people than most “literary” novels for adults. I’ll take this one over pretentious drivel like Cold Mountain or The Corrections any day — this shows contemporary American fiction at its very best.”

    Heeheeheee – you don’t write pretentious drivel! Rock on, Laurie.

  2. That is awesome! But then again, I already knew all that before he said it! 🙂 I amcurrently student teaching English in 8th grade, and I am probably going to read Speak to them (some will never read it themselves) because I really feel it’s something they need to hear. Thanks for listening to that nightmare and writing an awesome book!

  3. Thank You for writing SPEAK


    I am a senior from Baldwinsville NY and I got a recommendation from one of the councilors at school that I would enjoy SPEAK. I read it over Christmas in about 4 or 5 hours and then cried for 4 or 5 days. I am just so glad that someone was as willing as I was to stand up and tell a story like that when not everyone wants to hear it. I work with Vera House and Rape Crisis hoping to make a difference in someones life, and I wanted to let you know that you made a difference in mine, for telling a story so close to my own.

    -Krissy Tuxbury

  4. Re: Thank You for writing SPEAK

    Thank you for your comment and for the very important work you are doing at Vera House.

  5. Hey, Laurie! I can’t tell you how exciting it is that you’re doing a writing workshop. I’m going to try to register for it, but before I do, I’m curious… Any chance of you doing one in good old Potsdam? I’m a grad student at SUNY Potsdam, and since you were born here, I thought maybe you might have something planned. If not though, I’m more than willing to make the drive down to Mexico!

  6. Sorry, the chances are slim and none. My time is pretty locked up for the next couple years. If you make it to Mexico, please say hello!!

  7. About Madison…

    If you do decide to come to Madison, you most certainly can stay in my house.

    I love your writing… It moves me like nothing else I read (I’m reading Catalyst now, which was actually given to me by one of the Youth Services Librarians at MPL, and it’s just amazing).

    And I was totally at the Ellie’s, grinning from ear to ear to know that I had actually read something that won (I’m not a big fan of popular books in most cases; I think they’re overrated, monotonous, and, frankly, boring).


    So long comment short, I’d love it if you came to visit us here (eventually), and thanks for writing something real. It means more than you could possibly know.


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