I have…

… completely unrealistic writing goals today:
a. dismantle, restructure, and rewrite two chapters
b. clean up yesterday’s three chapters reorganizing
c. a general dust and polish to the five chapters currently under scrutiny.

I also have a magical elixir. (Dark roast, 1% milk, no sugar. Thank you, Steven!)

Let the games begin!


18 Replies to “I have…”

  1. Goals

    I love your morning message board, Laurie. You’ve inspired me to set more stringent goals for myself. I’ve raised my 2 page a day to a chapter.


  2. good luck!!

    hmm, no sugar? my grandpa finds it hilarious that i put 18, yes 18 packets in my cup. not a mug, that would be too much even for me but the cups you get at like gas stations. he kind of cringed the first time i told him that.
    perhaps that’s why drinking coffee makes my stomach hurt.

  3. The thought of 18 packets of sugar in a cup of coffee just about sent me to barf in my wastebasket.

    You would be better off sprinkling a few coffee grounds in a sugar bowl and adding asome milk.

  4. i adore wawa…. but i must confess, i am developing a crush on sheetz, too.

    and we don’t have either of them up here!

  5. A Little off topic….

    I have a question that you’ve problay* heard but anyways, My question is you keep talking about writing and rewriting chapters is this a new book or is it for the one that comes out in March? Sorry thats a little of topic. Also I saw the Speak Movie this weekend and i liked but it seemed so short and skipped a lot. Did you have say in that or did they just shorten it for time?

  6. Re: A Little off topic….

    Good questions, both of them.

    1. No, the book I am working on now will come out in 2008. The book coming out in March, TWISTED, was finished at this time last year.

    2. I had nothing to do with the movie, except for being on screen as a lunch lady for .05 seconds.

  7. Wawa has the best coffee… I wish one was on my way to work in the morning, but alas, I would have to go about 25 minutes out of my way and double my commute.

    Now I want wawa. Thanks. 😛

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