drowning in wrapping paper and cookie crumbs

Christmas #2 has sleigh-ridden into the past… time to clean the house (again) and return to The Book.

The highlight for me happened at the family feast yesterday when two of the youngest angels in the family sang carols in the purest voices imaginable.

What was the best part of your Christmas?

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  1. My grandmother missed her flight from Baltimore to Austin, Texas on December 22. While it was a hassel to get her new plane tickets, when she got here the next day, I realized how different Christmas would have been if she had not been able to make it at all.

  2. Christmas

    I got to go to stay at my boyfriend’s uncle’s house Christmas night and spend time with him all day and the next. We had fun just playing the Alphabet Game and making fun of songs while going down the interstate – even if he did have a lot of unecessary road rage.

  3. My four-year-old cousin posing for silly pictures at the Chinese restaurant where we always have Christmas Eve dinner, and then the same cousin taking pictures with my camera and getting so into pictures that he started to take pictures of a family at another table. He took one then we took the camera away.


  4. christmas

    we got a real Christmas tree.
    i begged and begged for a real one.
    we have this dreadful fake one that takes hours to assemble, and is so plain and lonely, but this year, our tree is 100 percent real. i got to pick it out.
    it was a wonderful experience…
    and i got a camera to take new photos with.
    which is divinely awesome.
    in it’s own way 🙂

  5. i’m not sure what the best part of my christmas was. probably seeing my family. i’m glad you had a very merry christmas and i hope you have a happy new year! =) ♥

  6. On Christmas day, I was caught in the Memphis International airport. I had flown there from Pittsburgh, but they failed to tell me that my connecting flight to Montgomery, AL was cancelled. Luckily, my aunt and uncle and cousins live in Memphis so I stayed with them overnight. The best part was I got to see that part of the family along with my grandmother. I guess the bad and the good balance out, don’t they?

  7. Getting our luggage back on Christmas Eve night. Our connecting flight in Cincinnati was cancelled because of “lack of crew” (aka pilots’ disagreement w/ contracts), thus leaving us to find a different flight and buying $200 worth of clothes/toiletries due to not knowing exactly when the luggage would be returned.

    Also, squeezing about 29 people in my great-aunt’s small house to eat the best southern cooking ever.

    little quirk

  8. Visiting some friends of the family before Christmas. They are extremely nice people.

    P.S. I just read Speak. I have to do a novel study on it over the winter break. It’s an extremely moving book! The more I read it, the more clear the message becomes. I am now planning on buying some of your other books.

  9. Every year, my family drives eight hours to spend the holidays with our extended family. My favorite part is always people watching in the car with my cousin, guessing at who is going where and why.

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