Entering a haze of sugar plums

Christmas #1 with the Millersville branch of the family was ab-fab; late nights, lots of laughs, baking, Elf, real egg nog, hysterical caroling, and Grandma’s fish chowder. Then, bang! zoom! they were gone.

Today is putting the finishing touches on Christmas #2; more baking, decorating the upstairs tree (yes, I have two, and yes, they are both real – this is one of the advantages of being a grown-up. You can have as many Christmas trees as you want.) I’m going to sneak in a run because the weather is terrible (warm, no snow, no hint of a white Christmas). Tonight and tomorrow I will read some favorite poetry, and page through a beloved book. (I will also be revising my WIP because deadlines are a Grinch.)

I will not be blogging for a few days, so I send out my hopes of peace and joy to all of you, along with a snapshot of our hearth.

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May your stockings all hang with care.

4 Replies to “Entering a haze of sugar plums”

  1. merry christmas!

    i hope you and your family have a merry christmas and a happy new year! i know my christmas wish is to see you again. my thoughts are with you and your family this holiday season! =) ♥

  2. I LOVE what you guys have done with the hearth! I have to whip up a new stocking this year, for one son’s cherished girlfriend. I’m not accustomed to assisting Santa with a girl. This is definitely different. And you’ll never guess – We have a chance for a hint of snow. Merry Christmas.

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