Cue the partridge in that pear tree

My least favorite part of Christmas – shopping – is done!

::dances in comfort with joy::

I loathe shopping, hate it, hate it, hate it. This is probably because I was raised by a woman (hi Mom) who loves it. My mother was born to shop. She has a special shopping gait – when she gets to a store she likes, she walks so slowly that she actually slows down Time itself. As a child, this used to make me fling myself on the floor, howling in frustration, pretending to be dying of a rare virus, begging strangers to take me home – anything to get out of the store. Mom and I don’t shop much together anymore. When we do, I am convinced that she slows down even more, touching Every. Single. Thing. in the whole blooming building, just to irritate me.

These days, when forced to shop with other family members, I am known to bring a book. It should be noted, for the record, that all of my kids love to shop. I encourage them to take Grandma whenever possible.

So now that the shards of glass under the fingernails portion of the holiday is over, I can relax. Wrapping, I like. Decorating, cooking, humming out of tune to ancient carols, feeding birds, counting stars, sitting in front of the fireplace, and ho-ho-ho? I adore all that.

If you are still shopping, consider buying original art. Or improving the world.

Happy birthday, Mark Twain!

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  1. And a one-day belated happy birthday Louisa May Alcott, C. S. Lewis and Madeleine L’Engle, as well! (Nov. 29th)

    Seems to be a season for writers.

  2. I had the opposite problem! My mother was a speed-walking shopper. (I still ended up hating shopping, too, so I guess either extreme is annoying!)

  3. You used to. (Middle school)

    I know, I know…. no one should be accountable for their tastes or actions in middle school…..

  4. oh man, I used to hate shopping with a passion too. I think I’ve grown to like it more when I realized I can buy whatever I want instead of being dragged around by my poor Mom! These days, I still get frustrated by shopping (malls are gross), but it’s only alleviated when I find what I’m looking for. I try to think of it as “treasure hunting”. Ha!

  5. happy holidays!

    hi! i hope you have a happy holiday! by the way i remember reading on your old journal (the one that was on your website before you switched to LJ) that you hate shopping, but listening to your iPod while you shopped made it easier because you hip-hopped and rock-n-rolled your way through clothing stores or something like that. (i really don’t know exactly what you said but it was kind of like that.) well anyway i’m glad things are going well for you! talk to you later! miss you! =) ♥
    p.s. you’re not alone in loathing shopping. my grandmother’s just like your mom. and i don’t like looking at clothing stores. music and bookstores are heaven for me. i’m sure they are for you too. oh i’ve been meaning to ask you what does your iPod look like? (i know i probably bug you by asking you that. sorry if i do.)

  6. Hey I Love Love Love Your Books

    I’m a girl who loves your books. They just speak to me or something like that. I loved CATALYST that and SPEAK are my favorite books so far. I’m reading FEVER 1793 right now and not mean or anything but I’m not in to the whole history books, but everyone I’ve talked to that has read it tell me its really good.(My mom read it in two days!)So I’m going to try it. But I really waiting to get reading PROM it sounds really good! Whens your new book TWISTED coming out, and is it any thing like your and other books? If so put it in your journal please.

    Well thats all from me today. Please answer my questions. Bye Bye

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