Trumpet blasting

(warning – unabashed self-aggrandizement ahead)

The current (Fall 2006) issue of The Alan Review contains the speech I gave at ALAN/NCTE in November, 2005, and a wonderful article that compares student responses (both high school and college) to Speak and Fifteen, by Beverly Cleary. As if that wasn’t enough, it has a great article about teaching with Native American Literature, and the cover of the magazine shows Indian Shoes, by Cynthia Leitich Smith, and Tofu and T. Rex, by her husband, Greg Leitich Smith.

The issue is not online yet, but you can probably find a copy of it in your library. If your library doesn’t carry the ALAN Review, then allow me to tactfully suggest a subscription RIGHT NOW.

Remember me talking about a photo shoot in downtown Syracuse a couple weeks ago that involved dry ice, salt potatoes, and orange mittens? You can see the photos and a short essay I wrote about coming back home to the region in Central New York Magazine, on sale now.

I am out of here tomorrow, heading for Albany for the Got Books? Let’s Read Conference sponsored by the ever-wonderful Hodge-Podge Books. I’m taking the computer with me so I can KEEP WRITING!!!!

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  1. *gaaaaaaaaaaaasp!*

    You said self-aggrandisement! That’s like, one of my favourite words.


    Beverly Cleary.

    I very much doubt I’d be able to access the magazine, but it’s nice to know that it exists.

  2. ALAN Review

    Do you know who I should e-mail to order a subscription? I would love to receive the ALAN Review.

  3. Beverly Cleary

    Sounds interesting! I’ll have to try to find a copy at the Cornell Library.

    I think I’m missing something, though–is there something wrong with Beverly Cleary?

  4. You’re going to a college thing around here on Wednesday, and I have to work. I’m so unlucky.

    But, I do need to get a hold of you really soon somehow to talk to you about that senior quest thing. Hm.

    Hope all is well. ♥

  5. Uhh, hi (:
    I dunno where to put this but – I read Speak for my English honours class, and I thought it was well done. Interesting comparisons.
    But I hate(d) the character of Melinda.

    She seems like the type of person that would simply piss me off. I kinda felt like she was trying to get attention in an unspoken kind of way.

    but, still, I loved the book and it goes to the top of my list.

    Speaking of being an obsessive writer, I take my computer everywhere. I write a lotlotlot too, but I don’t want to be an author, I want to be an oncosurgeon.
    Best of luck to yooou!

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