great lines

Overheard in the last couple of weeks:

At a restaurant: From the kitchen comes the rumbling sound of a tray of glasses being dropped, but no hint of any glass breaking. The kid at the table next to ours jumps in his seat, eyes wide and yells: “I didn’t know they have bowling here!”

In front of Oswego Hospital (I took my mom for tests): A 20-something guy, unlit cigarette in hand, approaches a 50-something woman busy puffing away, and asks for a light. She smiles and hands him her lighter and says (in a gravelly frog voice): “We’re a dying breed, kid!”

I am writing more today. You might want to, too.

November is a great book for writing a novel. Try it, you might like it.

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    1. Popping in to give my two cents 🙂
      I did NaNo last year, and am doing it again this year, and my advice would be don’t worry about the plot. Just write whatever you want, and pretty soon your characters start to take the story over and make their own. Sometimes you get really crazy results, but that’s all the fun of NaNo 😀

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