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Thank you, thank you to everyone who has let me know where SPEAK is being taught. My webgod made a new page so you can see the list here. (Check out the new seasonal home page, too!)

Please let me know if your school is not on the list yet. I will be adding to it regularly.

Also, I have received notes from teachers interested in corresponding with other teachers who are using the book in class. What is the best way to facilitate this communication?

I pounded out 8 pages yesterday in the WIP (draft 2). I hope I can do that again this morning. Instead of lifting at the gym this afternoon, I’ll be hacking away in the forest with a pick axe, loosening up boulders so I can plant more daffodil bulbs. So far, I’ve planted 150. Only 250 left. (WHAT was I thinking when I sent in that order?)

If I am really lucky, I’ll have time left over for the ever popular Forest past time – picking up sticks. I am assembling a fine collection that will be used for kindling this winter. Speaking of which, there is a rumor of snowflakes in this weekend’s forecast.

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  1. Once the snow starts to melt and the daffodils break through you’ll know what you were thinking. It aways takes elbow greese to get something you might not expect out of a garden.

  2. i cant believe theres going to be snow already, and its driving me crazy.
    but the real reason im commenting is this: dafodils! you remind me of my mom in certain ways… mostly the way you comment on things and put the sentences together, puncutation, etc. but yeah… every year she planted tons and tons of dafodils… so yeah. fun little mom reference for me.

  3. Snow is such an interesting concept to me. It is sixty-nine degrees here (Texas) and I am sitting in my room with my jacket on, shivering. I played in snow once, when I was about ten.

    Wish I could say that Speak was being taught at my school, but we don’t have a YA Lit class. I’m trying to get one, but they’d probably have to hire a new prof, and that’s unlikely.

  4. Hi Laurie,
    There are two great ways for teachers to share how they’re using Speak in their classes. One way would be for someone to set up a blog. This would give teachers a method of posting their own ideas and responding to the ideas and thoughts of others. It would also archive the information so that teachers who come to the conversation at any time will see what’s been discussed before.

    Another option is a wiki. Wikis allow their members to publish their ideas and return to those ideas to edit them over time. I could envision a wiki where there is a page for each chapter or a page for various themes, issues or concepts that teachers are addressing.

  5. Yeah, tomorrow (friday the 13th, go figure.) and Saturday. Lovely in Mexico, isn’t it? I’m not ready for winter yet.

  6. Dear Ms. A,

    You can add this one to your list for SPEAK:

    Washington State University (Pullman, Washington). It’s required reading for English 325, young adult lit.

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