Other people are more interesting than I am today…

… so let me point you in their direction!

anshutian has photos of her hanging at the Great Wall of China.

blankjewels did a Myspace search of Melinda Sordino and turned up 20 hits.

lsparksreader posted the best entry ever about the ALA in New Orleans.

Oh, and note to Patrick Campbell: You asked what makes me tick. That is a wicked hard question. If you asked me that question ten times in one day, you would get ten different answers. So, in a way, the answer I offer is only a piece of the truth, one facet.

Here is the truth about me in this minute, in this place: I love being alive. I want to experience every thing, all emotions at top volume. I want to live hard, live long, live joyfully, and yes, live strong. (Mild ironic Lance Armstrong observation tucked in there.)

I would also like to live without humidity, but this is beyond my powers. It is disgusting out right now. Rain, dammit, rain!

9 Replies to “Other people are more interesting than I am today…”

    1. It was a gradual process for me.

      Probably the most important piece was deciding to stop living my life based on what I thought were other people’s expectations/perceptions of me.

      The next part was choosing to do things that made me happy. This takes a lot of energy at first, but is worth it.

      Do you know what kinds of things make you happy? Specifically?

        1. It’s a start.

          Maybe you should look for a job singing folk music to intellectually gifted 4 year olds.

          As to the waking up next to someone…. Magic 8 ball says learn to love yourself first.

  1. It just rained here for like the 12th day in a row. I am totally gonna catch some rain, nestle it in a tupperware container, and send it your way – it’s still rain until it hits the ground!

    I can also recommend a lively rain dance. Way back when i was a camp counselor, the kids i was in charge of did them sometimes, and even if the dances didn’t bring rain, they sure passed the time!

    In conclusion, i really liked the Melinda on MySpace search!

  2. Very Interesting!

    Totally off topic (or maybe not), but how tickled was I this evening? Very! First, Bob was surprised to find his alumni newsletter in our pouch mail – “how do they keep finding me?” Seriously, alumni associations should moonlight as PI’s or something! Second, he said, “Hey! Look who’s in the newsletter!” It’s you! 🙂 He graduated in ’79. *waving from Shanghai*

      1. Re: Very Interesting!

        It’s the Onondaga Continuum
        I can send it to you if you want! 🙂 You’re in a section called 2006 Alumni Faces:Personal and professional achievements of alumni honored. Apparently it’s a new display in the hallway of the newly renovated Student Center. It shows your photo and a short bio. 🙂 You look marvelous! 🙂

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