Where am I?

Sometimes I wonder…

Actually, I’m in PA again. The great part about this trip is that I am able to see two of my daughters while on the road. Hung out w/ Stef last week, have been bugging Mer and her friends all weekend. The weather was cruddy yesterday, so I dragged Mer to a fabric store. I have decided it is time to get a hobby for the first time in a very long time. We fondled the fabric and contemplated cloth. I fantasized about quilting. When we went back to her dorm, she – being a practical child – handed me her pants that were in need of repair.

Being away from home so much makes you random. Random thoughts:

Oh my goodness.

My computer is still in critical condition. In fact, they had to airlift it to a trauma center in Texas. The tech guy muttered something about a motherboard. My computer had a major stroke. Thank goodness I bought the warranty. If the surgery goes well and there are no complications from the anesthesia, I’ll have my baby back in my arms in two weeks.

Warranties = health insurance

Maybe I should buy a typewriter.

I want to write poetry about frustration for forty-eight hours. I want to be very, very quiet for a decade or so and let all of my words come out my fingertips. I want the perfect croissant and the perfect cup on black coffee on a street in Paris that smells like flowers. I want to go back to waking up at 3:30 am and going to bed at sunset. I want to talk to my grandparents, but they passed over long, long ago.

I wish I could be three years old for five minutes so I could have the mother of all temper tantrums on the floor of the hotel lobby.

A student at Agnes Irwin asked me which superpower I’d like to have. First thing out of my mouth? Being invisible. My inner introvert really is ready to melt down.

OK, randomness over.

Bensalem Middle Schools tomorrow, Newtown Friends School Tuesday…. driving home (no speeding ticket no speeding ticket no speeding ticket) Tuesday night. Driving to Rochester for three more days of not writing on Wednesday.

What super power do you want?

34 Replies to “Where am I?”

  1. you have the super power of truth-telling through literature.

    i wish i had the super power of readjusting time.

  2. thanks, buddy.

    yeah, that time thing would be good.

    you have the power of electrifying any room you walk into. it is some how connected w/ your hair.

  3. You’re sounding busy. Hobbies are great if you have the time. SnoopDog writing a novel? Ugh. At least he didn’t try to write a picture book – could you imagine the content?

  4. Dependong on what day it is, I want the power of teleportation (instantaneous, anywhere I want to go, automatic failsafe to keep me from materializing in a vacuum/inside an object/in heavy traffic), or duplication/reintegration. (If I could have ten of myself, I’d get so much done. We’d take turns being the lazy one. Being myself, I’d be fair about it.)

    Oh no, I don’t think about this one much, not me. :>

  5. I want to have great wisdom and understanding, and to relate that in the stories I tell. I want to know all the answers, and how to make others discover them for themselves.

  6. When I was younger I always wanted to fly so I could get away from home.

    Now that I’m out of the house, I’d like to be able to stop time so that I wouldn’t get behind in my work whenever I have a break down.

  7. Flying, no question. Invisibility might be good sometimes, but you might accidentally find out what people really think of you, which would be quite a mixed blessing.

    I know what you mean about the tantrum thing.

    Quilts are nice. When you find one genuinely made of fabrics from garments and blankets the maker’s family actually used, it’s a cross-section of time, a Spoon River Anthology you can snuggle under, adding your own meanings to it. Very “handworn.”

  8. It’s always been flying and it always will be.

    In fact, I am convinced I was able to fly when I was younger. I have very clear memories of it. It was astonishingly simple. It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or now, because I know it happened.

  9. Ick.

    I don’t want to find out about any other “sides” to Snoop Dogg.

    Hmm … I’d like the parallel universe super power: living two lives at once.

  10. What superpower…hmmmm? Maybe to fly, like Superman did. That way I wouldn’t have to take planes (something I REALLY don’t like to do!).

  11. Hey Laurie,
    Have you read ‘The Pact’ by Jodi Picoult?? I just started it a few nights ago and I can’t put it down..it’s amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone! Hope your life starts slowing down soon and for a safe return for your computer.


  12. I want the ability to fly, or have similar powers as Jonathan from Scott Westerfeld’s Midnighters series (partial resistance to the pull of gravity).

  13. The Pact is a great read; all of Jodi Picoult’s books are. I particularly enjoyed My Sister’s Keeper. She’s a favorite author for my school’s book discussion club.

  14. Ah, super powers

    Telepathy (reading minds) or power to fly. I have always wanted to soar for hours on end, looking down on Cincinnati. That would be cool.

  15. i think my super power would be to fly. then i could pretend to be superman, or rather superwoman LOL. i’m glad you had fun in PA. sorry i couldn’t come to see you. i really wanted to. hopefully sometime soon i’ll see you in PA! i hope your computer gets well soon. -ash 🙂

  16. you know

    you could have a tantrum and blame it on something like the weather.. it makes you do crazy things as for a super power i don’t know if it counts as one but i would like everything that comes with esp

  17. You were probably joking, but do buy a typewriter! It’s much harder to dismiss anything you write. You have to think a bit more about what you’re going to write, and once it’s down, it’s down. I can’t encourage you enough to buy one! They’re great for writing letters.

    I think my superpower would be to communicate freely with animals. Imagine the company you’d have, in all sorts of places!

  18. keep up the random thinking

    QUILT! YES!! That’s my vote for you… start with a sampler of 4 squares and then if you don’t like it you can try something else. Nana made me one I love. For me quilts are a metaphor for life. Did you know the Amish put a deliberate mistake in the quilts they make? Only God is perfect.

    Super power?… memory… short term would make life easier, long term would make it more complete…

    love you

  19. hey

    You probably know me as kitkat74… but I couldn’t log into my account now, so here I am. :p

    Ehm… my favorite superpower would probably be … not flying, not invisible … not running … I think it would have to be having all the time in the world. No restrictions, no obligations … just all the time in the world to do everything. ^^ That would be nice. 🙂

  20. Safe travels

    Thanks again for joining the panel at Moravian College last week. That was a blast. I hope the remainder of your school visits are delightful and you’ll be home safe and rested soon. For super powers, I’d wish for the ability to always find the exact right word exactly when I needed it. Best wishes!
    Paul Acampora

  21. superpower

    i used to want to fly but now i am afraid with all the other people , birds and planes, i will get into an accident. There’s enough of them on the ground. Invisible would be good. i would like to be able to see into the future, (That’s so Raven!)Then i could stop worrying so much (or start worrying more). i might be able to prevent major disasters. i guess with each super power comes super problems.
    It was a pleasure making your acquaintance @ your recent library visit. i look forward to seeing you again @ the PSLA conf. 5/6/06.
    i write everything in long hand, i heard other writers (King, Zeises) do, as well.

  22. Super Powers

    I’d almost say telepathy, but I’d almost be too afraid to use it.
    Being invisible would come in handy along with teleporting, but I think time travel would be my favorite. I’m a major history buff, and I’ve always wanted to live at least one day in like every period of history just to see what it was like.

  23. Speak

    I would love to thank you for writing the book Speak! It has truly opened my eyes and made me feel as if I truly wasnt alone. The main character in the book speak is portrayed a lot of what my life consists of. And for once it’s nice to feel as if i’m not the only one in this world that has it rough. Or the only person in this lonely world that feels as if they have to keep a secret from the ones that are close or used to be close. So thank you for not being too afraid to face the world with a hidden truth that most don’t want to be face up to.

  24. All weapons become hot

    How about from the old Kirk/Spock Trek series where they met some old race who had the power to turn every weapon the humans and Klingons decided to use against each other became painfully hot to the touch.

    Thus- effectivly ending all conflict.

    I would want that power and as soon as I received it I would use it for the entire world and LEAVE it on for eternity!

    Thats what I wish.

  25. Hey!!

    Thank you So much for coming to our school today. No joke, that was basically the highlight of my 8th grade year. You are amazing, & i want your superpowers =]
    Becka from NFS

  26. super power

    I want the power of being in the moment. No longer wanting to be in two places at once! No more working mommy guilt! No longer rushing back and forth because I should be here AND there!

    I loved your visit to our school yesterday. I wish I could have spent some time talking to you but I was stuck in the library most of the day. I sat in the back of your talk to sixth grade and loved it! I would send you the picture I took but it didn’t come out because the lighting in the auditorium is terrible. I love your web site. I wrote about you on my blog (nice things) http://awrungsponge.blogspot.com Thanks for coming to see us and sharing your wisdom!

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