Wind-up Author Doll

A rather busy week. In fact, it’s been a blur. I am writing this from a library computer… I’m afraid if I wait too long to update, I’ll forget everything.

It’s already beginning to fade…….

Thanks to everyone who came to Moravian College Tuesday night. It was my good fortune to sit on a panel with David Lubar (one of the funniest guys on the planet) and new author (also a great guy), Paul Acampora. The highlight, of course, was hanging out with my daughter, Stef.

A couple of packed days and nights of school and library visits have followed. Today I am at the Agnes Irwin School just outside Philly. I spoke here a couple years ago, and it has been a delight coming back. When I’m done, it’s back on the road to Lancaster, PA, where tomorrow’s school awaits, as well as daughter Meredith and her friends at Millersville.

I’m still anxiously awaiting word on the condition of my computer. Maybe I should start a vigil. Oh, and there is a case of bubonic plague in Los Angeles. This is the kind of thing that freaks me out.

In honor of National Poetry Month, a quick haiku:

The bubonic plague
infecting with tendrils gray
Powerbook weeping

Not great, but it’s a start.

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  1. Hey Laurie, i just wanna reiterate that it was really, really nice to see you on Tuesday (Moravian). My Writing professor had been yelling at me for using symbolism too blatant, and it was nice to hear you repeat what my professor had said – that a first draft is no place for obvious symbolism. And your talk/discussion was really cool, your jokes were funny, the movie was amazing (i loved Stef’s Speak anecdote) and it was just a very cool evening. So, thanks!

  2. Don’t worry too much about the plague. One of the articles I read (can’t remember where for the life of me) mentioned that a lot of the animals in LA seem to have fleas with the plague. BUT, the plague is curable with antibiotics, so there’s nothing to worry about ^_^ And it isn’t contagious unless it’s given time to turn into the pneumonic plague, and even then, it’s still curable with antibiotics, so there’s nothing to worry about. Just don’t hang out with wild animals in LA.

    Hope your computer gets better soon.

  3. The Black Death

    When we were going over the Middle Ages, Mr. Roberts told us about how the song “Ring Around the Rosy” came from the Bubonic Plague! I thought it was really cool in a creepy kind of way. When I was a little kid, I always thought that song was kinda eery…is that how you spell eery? lol

    Ooooh, today is PROM! I’m totally freaking out! Being a perfectionist is such hard work….

  4. none

    hey angi here, i really enjoyed you book speak, my class is reading it for a book project but i read it for fun I also seen it on lifetime, its one of my fav movies!!!!!!

  5. It was a delightful, refined, elegant evening. Thank you so much for the fascinating conversation and good time!!!

  6. The pleasure was all mine

    Laurie — it was such a thrill. I’ve been bragging all over the country (been to Salt Lake City and to Princeton in the brief time since Tuesday) that I got to watch Speak while sitting next to you. It was definitley a treat to see you, and to be on a panel with such smart and charming companions. This is posted as anonymous, since I’m not registered, but to prove my identity I’ll just say that the food court was not the highlight of the evening.


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