The SPEAK house

I’m back in Columbus, OH, where they filmed SPEAK. The librarian at Columbus School for Girls, Beth Abramovitz, generously drove me to the street where the House of Speak is so I could see it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Ta-da! (Yeah, I think they’ve painted it.)

Thanks to the young women at CSG for being so sweet and energetic yesterday. The day flew by. But (for a change) I remembered to take some photos.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I am the one not wearing a cute plaid skirt. (I’m not sure I could ever wear a uniform… too rebellious.)

I was lucky enough to be invited to a cool Seder dinner for Passover last night, too. Many thanks to the family that opened their home and their celebration to me, and to Beth for arranging a great day and evening.

As I was being driven back to my hotel, the moon was full and fat, and the spring wind was blowing and I was exhausted, but feeling content and grateful.

I’m off to one more day of Columbus (why do so many of the big cities of Ohio start with “C”?). Home tomorrow!!

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  1. It blows my mind that you are HERE. In my town. And you’re getting lovely weather–well, except for the storms last night. I hope you’re enjoying it here.

    I wish I’d known SPEAK was being filmed here. I would have totally tried to be an extra.

  2. I’m glad you had fun 🙂

    I’ve always loved how Jewish holidays coincide with the lunar calendar. I don’t know why… but it’s always appealed to me

  3. It sounds like you’re having an awesome time! I’m DYING to see the movie, SPEAK. I’m sure it’s as good as the book! I’ll have to wait for my birthday to get the DVD! 🙁


    I was in Books A Million today, and I saw the platinum edition of Speak, and I totally freaked out. I was all holding it in my mom’s face, but for some reason she wasn’t as excited as I was. Go figure. All I could think was, Oooh, pretty!

  5. i have a questoin

    i am doing a report on how ur live is retold through you books what are some events in your life that r evident in your novels such as speak which i love and Catalyst which i also love!

  6. That was awesome

    I was at the school you went to! That was so awesome. I loved how you came and didn’t bore us to death! Thank you so much!!!

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