Stay tuned

Busy, busy, busy week visiting schools and meeting kids. Today I have to catch up on a week of mail and paperwork and pack. I leave for Ohio tomorrow. Will try to fill you in one what I saw and learned this week later – I took some photos, too.

Plus, I just received The Best Tee Shirt In The World from an awesome YA librarian in SC. Details later!!!

::dives back into paper mountain::

14 Replies to “Stay tuned”

  1. wow 🙂

    I am doing a book report right now on your book Speak and I love it..:) hope all goes well this week

  2. shhhhhhh you want to know a secret?

    i hear that a mad woman in the forest who mumbles, mutters, and shrieks is coming out of the forest to wow us with another one called TWISTED did you know that?

  3. prom

    what inspired you to write prom and fever becuase im doing a book report on u and i need to know

  4. tee shirt

    what kind of shirt is it? can we all get one? my friends and i can wear it to school.

  5. Guy Fawkes

    I was just reading an online snippet about Mr. Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot. It piqued my curiosity. I love history – especially little-known (to me) history!) Thanks for reminding me of it – I must go read more about it now.

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